I’m SO excited to be at the final round of our very long and hectic contest! Its awesome to *very soon* be able to add a new name to our PNTS winner’s list! So let’s get to it! Here are the rules:

1. 3 Day contest, 1 elimination (1 winner!)
2. You will be able to enter TWO entries
3. You are to create a logo for the next Season of PNTS.
4. The logo MUST include the following:
“Polyvore’s Next Top Set” (spelled out, no abbreviations)
Season 3
YOUR name as the winner of Season 2
5. Remember what makes a logo work:
Clean and easy to read
Able to be read very small
Not overly busy – this is about making the most of simple design.
You can look through our older contests to see what was entered last year and also see some things I’ve used in the past so you have an idea of what I want.
I will choose the best one out of the four entries. REMEMBER! This must be easily readable!!! Don’t go to crazy unless you can pull it off!

Good luck!

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Round 10 RESULTS!

This was one of the HARDEST rounds to judge.  It really took myself and my guest judge alot of discussing back and forth before deciding who would be the top 2.

Essentially all three of you did an amazing job.  And the poems you chose just made the sets cuter and funnier all around.  It was really fun to see what you chose and how you interpreted it.

However there were a couple that seemed to really just fit together more than the others, and those are the two that are moving on.

1st – JO –Biological Reflections:Ogden Nash
Biological Reflections:Ogden Nash – by JO on
Jo- This all just came together. Neither the set nor the poem was overpowered by the other. It was simple and beautiful and really worked *together* to make a whole set.

2nd – Les! –
My brush and my love and my dream .
My brush and my love and my dream . – by Les ! on
Les! – When you do an interior you don’t just do a room, you literally *make* the entire interior. Its a fun style that you don’t see often and that’s one reason that I really love it. I thought it was gorgeous and I loved the tenderness that the poem gave it.

Ugh! This was such a hard decision. Because I feel that you actually chose the hardest poems to work with, and in some ways had the most creative approaches. However, we felt that since you did have what is considered the easier of the three choices – we really needed to be wowed. We felt that the sets wouldn’t stand alone without the poems as well as with the poems. (hope that made sense) IOW – before reading the poems…we didn’t necessarily love them as much. So as I talked about before the sets really needed the poems in order to work as a whole. That was essentially the deciding factor, but not one we made lightly. Thanks so much for participating! You have great ideas and awesome sets. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future. 🙂 (below are both entries from JJMARIE)
Tableau at Twilight
Tableau at Twilight – by JJMAR!E on
Poem – ableau at Twilight

I sit in the dusk. I am all alone.
Enter a child and an ice-cream cone.
A parent is easily beguiled
By sight of this coniferous child.
The friendly embers warmer gleam,
The cone begins to drip ice cream.
Cones are composed of many a vitamin.
My lap is not the place to bitamin.
Although my raiment is not chinchilla,
I flinch to see it become vanilla.
Coniferous child, when vanilla melts
I’d rather it melted somewhere else.
Exit child with remains of cone.
I sit in the dusk. I am all alone,
Muttering spells like an angry Druid,
Alone, in the dusk, with the cleaning fluid.

Poem by Ogden Nash
The guy at the bottom is the bus boy and the yellow is the ice cream. The kid is walking away and its a magical day outside but the guy can’t see that because he hates his job. I just thought I’d clarify because it’s kind of confusing. (written by JJMARIE)
The People Upstairs
The People Upstairs – by JJMAR!E on
Poem – The People Upstairs

The people upstairs all practise ballet
Their living room is a bowling alley
Their bedroom is full of conducted tours.
Their radio is louder than yours,
They celebrate week-ends all the week.
When they take a shower, your ceilings leak.
They try to get their parties to mix
By supplying their guests with Pogo sticks,
And when their fun at last abates,
They go to the bathroom on roller skates.
I might love the people upstairs more
If only they lived on another floor

by Ogden Nash
(This was my favorite of the two)

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Round 10 – Its in the Bag!

Ok I’m excited for Round 10 because its just insanely crazy.  hahaha  I love the mass amounts of…”WHAT?” I’m going to get for this one.   tee hee hee

Ok things are going to get nutty….here come the rules first:

1. 7 Day competition, 1 elimination  (trust me you’re going to like that I made it a week long.  I want some seriously good stuff here!)

2.  In the set below there are 6 bags/boxes.  Each box either contains an art set, fashion set or interior set.  There are 2 of each hidden amongst the boxes.  You will each choose 2 boxes and ultimately make TWO sets for this round.  Obviously your two sets will consist of whatever boxes you chose.

3.  Along with what type of sets you’ll be doing there is also a bonus item hidden in each bag. (hey, they’re big bags ok?)  Your set, no matter what it is, needs to include that item visibly in the set somewhere.

Now for the fun part.

4.  Each set NO MATTER WHAT TYPE needs to be themed/based/inspired by an Ogden Nash poem.  A personal favorite poet of mine.  Each of your two sets can be based off of a different poem, so you don’t have to use the same one twice, or you can.   I would prefer one of his smaller poems.  It does NOT have to be “in” the set.  But I would like the poem at least listed below your set in the “notes” area.  I am looking for serious creativity here,  that’s why you have a week to do this.

5.  No box will be used twice, so we’ll go in order of who won.  Jo will choose first, followed by JJMARIE and then Les! – rinse, repeat.   Each time a person chooses I will cross off that box so you’ll know what’s available.  After everyone has chosen, I will send you the item you’ll need in your set – then I will officially list the contest and the clock will start ticking.

If you’re lucky you might get both fashion sets or if you’re unlucky…both interior…..LOL….this is going to be a HOOT! And I can’t wait.  You pretty much have 2 chances to win me over…so use them wisely.

Wow me people.  I want to be amazed.


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Round 9 Results! Its Top 3 Time!

Well its been a long journey…and we finally have our top 3 in Season 2!
Let’s congratulate them. 🙂
Before that though, I wanted to comment on the first and second place winners sets…..honestly….I wanted you both to be first. I went back and forth about a billion times trying to decide who to award first too. And it came down to the stairs. Everyone used the same set of stairs…except Jo. Its always amazing what eventually becomes the deciding factor. In one regard Jo had such an amazing setup of a room, very refined and had sooo much going on. It was just fun to look at. On the other hand JJMARIE always has such a fun “folk style” approach to interior sets that I just love (reference the first interior set we did in Round 3) The disproportion and fun way of doing perspective really makes her rooms not only interiors but works of art. However…I had to pick one. HA! I wish it was always easy. Without further ado, our top three for Season 2!

1st – Jo –
Polyvore A la Carte Contest
Polyvore A la Carte Contest – by JO on

2nd- JJMARIE –
The Library
The Library – by JJMAR!E on

3rd – Les! –
rococo living
rococo living – by Les ! on

Beach House...
Beach House… – by shoegirl927 on
Shoegirl you have been a great competitor and I’m so glad that you were able to come this far in Season 2! The only deciding factor was that the other interior sets just had more substance to them. But I loved your “beach house” door and simple decor. Its always hard to eliminate someone this far into the competition. Best of luck on future sets! We will miss you in this competition. 🙂

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Round 9 ! Pick Me – Interior!

Ok I really enjoy doing “Pick me” contests, and so for this round we’re going to bring that theme back with a twist…..its based around interiors!
pntsr9 – by ●Tamaira♥G● on


1. 3 day contest, 1 elimination

2.  Your set must be clearly an interior set.

3.  You must pick one item from each column including the wildcard.

4.  Your set must include each item at least once, but can be used as many times as you’d like .  Feel free to include any other items you want, but make sure the “chosen” items are easy to see.

5.  The last rule?  Your interior must include stairs somewhere in the room.

Good luck!

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Round 8 Results!

Sorry for the delay everyone….this was a really tough one to judge.  Really tough.   So after over-thinking it for quite some time…..I decided to judge on the most simple of bases.  The rules.  😉

Here are the results!

1st- JJMARIE – Fab! This idea was unique, original, and HILARIOUS!  I loved it.
Ever Wonder...?
Ever Wonder…? – by JJMAR!E on

2nd – Shoegirl927 – Again, this was a really “different” idea. And since I wanted to see “outside of the box” thinking, I was very pleasantly surprised!
If he didn't love her anymore...
If he didn’t love her anymore… – by shoegirl927 on

3rd – Les! – Cute idea! I love that you put so many items in your set, its beautifully layed out and nice to look at.
*~'Alice in wonderland'~*
*~’Alice in wonderland’~* – by Les ! on

4th – Jo – Such a cute idea! Love the theme and I really love the quote! hahaha it made me laugh! Great job!
Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter – by JO on

Moon-ie, I really loved this set and because it was so hard to decide who was leaving this round I had to go back to the basics. 🙂 Your set was beautiful but it missed one important rule…be a rectangle. 😉 The set was supposed to mimic the shape originally set out in the rules. So that is truly the only reason you were eliminated this round. I love your sets!! Best of luck in the future! 🙂

The Princess Story
The Princess Story – by Moon-ie™ – BUSY on

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Round 8 – No Touching!

Round 8!
PNTSR8 – by ●Tamaira♥G● on


1. 3 day contest, 1 elimination

2.  You are to create a set in the style of the set shown above.  It needs to be in the same rectangular shape, and no items touching each other.

3.  The set needs to be themed.  The most interesting, clever, funny or original themes will be in my good graces. 😉  (IOW – don’t use something like “red” or “ocean” as your theme.  Think outside the box….way outside.)

Good luck!

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Round 7 results!

Round 7 got messed up and only registered 3 winners instead of 5.

Here is the complete list.   I kinda wish more of you had made your sets small like Jo did…I didn’t require it of course…but I am thinking now that I wish I had.   They’re just cuter that way. 😉

1st- JJMARIE – great job, love how it looked to have more items than it did.

2nd- JO – very cute, loved that you were the only one to make the set small…although I gotta tell ya that I liked your clown one much more. 😉

3rd- Les! – again, great different idea, neat concept  and very original

4th- Moon-ie – I loved that yours was though provoking and odd,  neat idea.

5th- Shoegirl297 – thank goodness someone did an interior set!  Bravo for taking the leap and doing the hard challenge. 😉

Eliminated – Torilink

Gah! Torilink….I love you.  LOL! 🙂  No really, I love love love your stuff…but like we said last time this happened….I have to judge each round on its own merit.  I just didn’t think this set was a “total package” as much as some of the others were.  I wish you the best and can’t wait to see more of your goodies in the future!

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Round 7 – The Teeny Tiny Set

Ok we have an interesting challenge for Round 7!  Also the rules are changing just a bit,  so be sure you read through everything.


Round 7 –
The Teeny
Tiny Set


1. This is a 3 day contest,  1 elimination

2.  You are to make a set consisting of ONLY 5 items.

3.  The definition of an “item” is how many shown items you use on the right side of your set.  For example – my set with the rugs to the right – technically there are 6 things in that photo…BUT in reality the rugs were *together* on Polyvore as “one item”.  That is ok – it is the amount of “boxes” that count as items.  I hope that made sense.  If you can find a way to cheat it by doing what I did – go for it.   But it doesn’t really gain you anymore points. (example of what I mean at bottom of post)

4.  You can choose to do an artistic set or interior set.  I’ve made an example of both above.  They do not have to be “literal”.  As in, if you do an interior it doesn’t have to look like a room.  As you can see by mine…its very abstract.  So be creative!

5.  Absolutely NO fashion sets.  An item here and there is fine….stay away from clothes.

6.  You can choose whether you want the set to look small when you view it…or if you just want it to be normal sized.  Either way – only 5 items.

Get busy!  You only have 3 days this time!

Example of what I mean by “items” :  As you can see with the bottles,  there are more than one in the image.  That only counts as 1 item though.  Each box is 1 item.  Hope that helps clarify!

r7 example

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Round 6 RESULTS!

Here are the results from Round 6!  Critiques to follow.  🙂

1st – Les!
The ocean gets wet when it rains
The ocean gets wet when it rains – by Les ! on

Les!- This set I think is the best one you’ve ever done.  It is so awesome!!  The imagery is so like a Monet painting…I’m just in awe of it.  Its just ….awesome.   Great wonderful fantastic job!!  Bravo. 🙂  I could keep going but it would just be me gushing, LOL , so I’ll stop.

Don't Get Lost in the Blues.
Don’t Get Lost in the Blues. – by JJMAR!E on
JJMARIE – I think this set was very well done, very powerful imagery. It looks great from far away and up close which is important since its only made of textures. Great job!

3rd – Torilink
PNTS Round 6 - I've Got the Blues!
PNTS Round 6 – I’ve Got the Blues! – by torilink [off] on

Torilink – Also a great set, very visually powerful. Its easy to make a blue set soft and gentle…it was a nice change to see some sets that were strong and edgy. Great job. 🙂

4th – Jo

JO- I think this set is just gorgeous….and it was hard to determine how to place the past three sets…because all of them were so great on so many different levels. The hint of color in your set was placed just right, its fun to look at and never gets boring. Well done 🙂

5th- Shoegirl927
Dive in.../I’ve Got the Blues - Round 6 PNTS
Dive in…/I’ve Got the Blues – Round 6 PNTS – by shoegirl927 on

Shoegirl927 – I love how you made this look like an island view from high up. It really emulates an ocean and sand and water. You took a different approach in making your set really look like something tangible. Great job. 🙂

6th- Moon-ie
believe me, this is BLUE !
believe me, this is BLUE ! – by Moon-ie™ – BUSY on

Moon-ie – I love the description you had at the bottom of your set. It really helped carry the meaning of your set across. It definitely has a fantasy vibe to it. Nice job!


On Those Cold Blue Days...
On Those Cold Blue Days… – by adelchristian on

Adelchristian had to remove herself from the competition due to some issues that would be taking her away from having internet for awhile. She was nice enough to inform me right away that she had to leave and we will miss her! She has great sets….and may not have been the one that went home had she not removed herself….so beware everyone else! 😉
Best of luck Adelchristian! I hope you’ll be back with the Polyvore community soon. 🙂

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