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This weeks featured set is titled “Diamonds on the soles of her shoes”.  It was created by our featured artist this week, Lyz, who is otherwise known as guccilovexo on  Lyz is a 24 year old executive assistant from the Toronto area.  We did an interview with her and here is what she had to say.

TG:   Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Lyz: I went to school for fashion design, and have always been into the Arts. Currently I am not working in the fashion industry, but one day hope to open my own boutique. I work in a very busy Construction office as the President’s executive assistant. I live with my boyfriend Matthew and we have two jack Russells, Tiki & Manhattan and our cat named Sushi.

TG: How long have you been creating on

Lyz: I have been on Polyvore for about 10 months!

TG: What were your first thoughts about Polyvore? 

Lyz: Oh goodness, I fell in love with this site RIGHT AWAY! I could hardly believe there were people out there that thought of this incredible website, I have always been searching for a creative outlet and Polyvore does exactly that for me, lets me be creative everyday..Not to mention that it is a wonderful and caring, warm community all on its own, I have met some of the most talented, amazing people on poly that I am lucky enough to call my very dear friends. One of my favorite aspects of polyvore is that every user gets better and better as they make sets, our style’s evolve and we learn different techniques as we go. It’s very rewarding. 

TG: Do you remember what brought you to the site to begin with? 

Lyz: I learned of Polyvore from Facebook Applications. I immediately started making sets and have not stopped since! I even recruited my boyfriend onto Polyvore and he is as addicted as i am! lol 

TG:  How much time do you think you spend on in a given week?  And let me add that I’m glad that I’m not asking myself that question,  I don’t think the number would be considered “healthy”. lol

Lyz: LOL-I would say around 50-55 hrs a week..if not more! At least it’s not Television!! 

TG:  Well I don’t feel bad about my answer now!  Good to know I’m not alone there.
What would you say is your favorite thing about Polyvore and your least favorite thing? 

Lyz: By far, the friends I have met on Polyvore are my favorite thing! I also love how no matter what mood I may be in, I can always jump on the computer and express myself accordingly with my sets. I really don’t know how I survived before Polyvore! Least favorite thing would be the fact a lot of really talented people get over looked on poly, and I find the same people (that have really popular sets) win the contests over and over. This can be a bit discouraging for the ones that really give it their best and don’t get acknowledged at all. Also, I wouldn’t mind a better way to organize my items-I find it a bit challenging to find the items i use the most!

TG:  I would have to agree with that one, you should see how many pages I use for my items! Its chaos!  So talking about the set we’re featuring this week, what was your original inspiration for this set?

Lyz: My original inspiration for this set came from the pictures I used, I thought the woman in the pictures was very “Rapunzel-esque” and I wanted to play on that a bit. I then chose the cream dress to compliment her golden hair and it all fell into place after that. 

TG:  I really love it, I think normally that same colored sets can fade a bit in one’s eye, but I love how the background gives it its *pop*.  Its beautiful!  What is the meaning of the title?

Lyz:  Well as you all know choosing a title is even harder than making a set! lol After i was done with the set, the whole set gave me the feeling of being a bit Diva like, and with the sparkles in the background, the song by Paul Simon “Diamonds on the soles of her shoes” jumped out at me as the perfect title!

TG: I completely agree! LOL  I think I spend more time on titles than anything else!   So do you have a favorite out of the sets that you’ve completed?  I know that’s a loaded question, I see you have 45 pages of sets!

Lyz: Funny enough, my personal favorite set that I have done is not a fashion one.  It is called “For the one that puts up with me” (seen below) I like it because it was made specially for my darling boyfriend and I loved the drawings by “Esther loves you” everything came together perfectly and it was a lot of fun to make. The best kind of sets are the ones that come from your heart!     

TG:  I love it!  Its got such great color and reminds me of a vintage childrens book almost.  Do you have a favorite set that you’ve seen on

Lyz:  My favorite set(s) that I have seen on Polyvore, are made by Octopussy. I love how she always chooses the PERFECT items to create lively, entertaining and magical sets again and again, though I admire everyone on Polyvore for their unique style of creating sets and they are all my favorites! 

TG: I have to admit, that was a bit of a loaded question.  I don’t know if I could answer it myself!  There are so many wonderful artists on Polyvore.  Thank you Lyz for allowing me to interview you and show off a couple of your sets!  It was great pseudo-meeting you and picking your brain.  :o)


I hope everyone will stop by Lyz’s sets (guccilovexo) and leave her some awesome comments!  She’s certainly earned it.    Next Friday we’ll have a new featured artist and set to read up on!  In the meantime we’ll continue to discuss in its entirety.   Thanks for reading!


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  1. Thanks Tamaira! The interview turned out great and thank you so much for asking me to do this-I think your blog is a marvelous idea and i look forward to reading about the next featured artist!
    Now…when do we get to pick YOUR brain! LOL

  2. You’re welcome!

    Someday I’ll let someone pick my brain…..maybe…… ;o) lol

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