I’m Sorry….You Did What?

  You know I hate to be negative….but oh what the heck.   Let me lay out a scenario here and I’ll let you tell me what you think.

  Let’s say you’re on the main site and you’re looking around at all of the fabulous new goodies that people have made…..and then *there*….out of the clear blue,  you see something amazing!  You can’t believe it!  How could anyone make something so COOL?????………then you click on the set and realize its a simple matter of someone taking an already existing photo….and adding a grunge texture to it.


I’m sorry but that’s not artistic.  That’s adding a grunge texture to an already existing photo.   And what floors me is that people find that NEAT.   What I’ve started doing is looking to see what exactly they used to make that set…and if I discover that they used all of 2 items….I’m suddenly very much less impressed.  I’m certainly not going to comment or favorite it.   You didn’t do anything!  Its like ripping off a set that someone else did,  you’re simply using a photo someone else took……and…???

Now don’t get me wrong…I’d never say anything rude or nasty to them.  Nor would I waste my time commenting something in bad taste….but really….what are you thinking??  If you’re so insanely bent on getting comments and favorites that you’d put up something you didn’t really create……????


Its even more disheartening to find them shown on the main blog of the site.   There are alot of fantastic artists out there…..please I beg you!  Find someone that actually DID something beyond layer a crinkle over a cool photo.  You’ll have to excuse me…I’m frustrated.

Doesn’t this bother anyone else?

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  1. i completely agree with you on this. i find it very uncreative when all a person does is add a texture to a picture. when i view a set i always try to see the number of items used to make a set, note the items may be few but if they’re arranged in some unique/creative manner they’d still get my vote…but yes, one should try to do more than just texturize an existing pic…i wish more people would read this evolove…!

  2. it absolutely makes me crazy – I really hate it when I fav something I think is cool beyond measure then figure out they really didn’t create it! then i have to take back my fav….

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