Oh What’s A Little Shameless Self Promotion?

  So the one thing that I’ve found I really enjoy doing on Polyvore are the contests.   I just like the challenge of them, the competition and the thrill if you win.  For me its not about popularity, rather the fun of it.   And while I have a post just waiting to be written on poor judging……we’ll save that one for later.  :o)   

  As much as I love these contests its becoming increasingly harder to find groups that put on regular *challenging* contests with ideas that haven’t already been done to death!  And considering that I’m closer to 30 than I am 18…..I don’t really want to do 467 “Back to School” contests.  (chuckle)

  Because I started thinking about this, I’ve decided to highlight a really awesome group this friday instead of an individual.  This way if there are more of you interested in finding a group with good challenges and great contests…you’ll know where to look.

  I’d also like to mention my current group  (here’s the shameless self promotion part)  “Polyvore A la Carte”.  Its for any set you’d like to put in, but we also focus on ORIGINAL contests.   I spend part of my time looking around at different groups contests to make sure I don’t copy one that already exists.  Now obviously there’s room for error there….with thousands of people someone is bound to duplicate a contest here and there.   But I like to challenge my group members, get them thinking creatively and away from “Your Favorite Color”  and “Best Set” type of contests.   

  I hope to see you around if you’re interested in being challenged!   And look forward to Friday morning when I’ll highlight a couple of great groups for contests.  


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