My Top Groups for Contests

  I promised you a feature on great contest groups and here it is!  Next week I’ll get back to highlighting a certain artist.   Now the groups I’m featuring today I picked because of their contest potential.  They might not have 2920385847234 members, but that’s ok because its not the point.  ;o)  As I mentioned in my previous post, I love the challenges that doing a contest presents.  Most of the time the sets I end up making for contests are sets I wouldn’t have made on my own.  Contests can be like a muse when you’re being creative.  And winning them is just icing on the cake.   Here are some of my favorite contest groups, in no particular order.  If you have a great contest group or are a member of one you think is really fantastic, send me a link or tell me what it is in the comments.   I’m always looking for more groups and I’m sure I’ll miss a great one in this post.  However there are always future posts as more and more groups develop.

1.  50 Theme Fashion Challenge – Moderated by Orangurple
  This group is centered around the idea that you have 50 different themes and the challenge is to get all the way through the 50 items.  You mainly number your sets 1/50, 45/50, etc as you go through.  The themes are listed on the main page of the group and there are some doozies!  I’m currently on #12 myself. Their contests are focused around the different themes,  so as they get to a certain theme – you can enter that set in the contest as well.   It has an amazing sense of accomplishment as you go through and I love it for its ingenious idea for a group.  Hope you’ll visit and start the challenge yourself!

2.  All You Need Is Art – Moderated by Rag doll
This group is mainly about artistic sets, although in my opinion fashion sets can be artistic with a few tweaks here and there.  The thing about artistic contests are that they are usually harder and more competitive.   Themes are more difficult to come up with and therefore usually are more creative.  I just recently joined this group but I am pleased so far with the contests they have had. 

3.  Battle of the Stylists – Moderated by:  Laura Denae
 This group is just fun.  Each contest theme is inspired by a popular TV icon, show, or character.  Laura gives you a heads up on what the next contest theme will be, so you can stay one step ahead.  The themes are always fun to make and her group icon changes with each theme.  The current contest is about the 60’s icon and model “Twiggy”.  Check out her fun group for some “not so serious” collaging.


4.  Childish Fun – Moderated by ☮sototallybored☮ and andrearnamador   
 If you enjoy a more silly environment or wish you could go back to your childhood, then this is the group for you!  It focuses on everything “child”.  From cartoons to superheros to nickelodeon, you name it!  The contests are also focused on these themes.  The current contest is about “superheros and villians”.  Its a great laid back group for being nostalgic.  

5.  The Apple Mafia – Moderated by Queen of the known universe 

  Ok you got me.  This group isn’t large enough to even hold a contest.  But here’s why I mention it.  It absolutely cracks me up.  Whoever would name a group after a gun-toting group of fruit is top notch in my book!  I can’t wait to see what crazy ideas she comes up with after she has enough members.  So for my sanity’s sake,  go join her group so we can get our crazy on!  Oh yeah,  gotta love the logo:


That’s all I have for today!  I would have included my group because I’m quite fond of my contests but in the sake of fairness and non-biased-ness (is that a word?)  I didn’t.  But if you’re interested you can find it in my previous post.   If you think you can top these groups,  tell me!  I’m ready to be challenged!

See you Monday.


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