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  New featured artist time! Yay!  So let’s get to it!

Our featured artist of this week is Dena, a wife and mother who goes by the screen name “Evil Lily” on Polyvore.  

TG:  So tell us a little bit about yourself and why you enjoy Polyvore.

Dena:  I am a Mom and a wife to a man who is in Irag right now. This can get rather stressful, so I find ways to channel my creative urges and occupy my time. I found Polyvore not too long ago(maybe a month or so), and I was soon hooked. I thought for the first week after I had joined that I would need a serious intervention! Seriously! 

TG:   What was your purpose or inspiration for the set “I Have Scheduled a Trip Through Time” ?  (seen above)

Dena: I tend to be “different” than most of my peers. I love to dress in a Victorian style everyday or what some people refer to as “goth”. I am by no means goth, I just prefer the darker side of the day 🙂 So some of my sets reflect how I wish I could dress everyday. This style is shown in the “I planned a trip through time set” and a few others I have created.  I really think I was born in the wrong time. 

TG:  I’ve shown another set below this question that I wanted to ask you about.  Its titled “A Walk Through the Park”.  Alot of your sets are on the “darker” side, like your sets about Lizzie Borden,  than what you normally see on Polyvore, which I find refreshing –  but the one shown below is very happy.  How did you get from dark to this set?  And what was the inspiration that caused you to stray from your normal “roots”?

Dena:  The set titled “A Walk Through the Park” was completely inspired by the dress. Yellow isn’t really one of my favorite colors, but that dress is sooo sweet.  You ask how I can go from “a walk in the park” to “lizzier borden..”. Well there is so much beauty in the world, but look behind closed doors and you will find atrocities unimaginable.

TG:  Explain the story or rather the idea behind the Lizzie Borden sets. (example below)

Dena:  I think the set “Lizzie Borden had an Axe” is soo true in the statement it makes. Society and the media tend to be drawn to the horror in the world. Murder is money to the media, just look at all of the glorification serial killers get. People are horrified by the actual events, but cannot look away from the spectacle.

TG: Just to clarify for everyone reading, you have a comment posted underneath the one set that says, “…Murder is NOT art. Society exploits it as if it were Art.”   So to explain that you’re not encouraging murder but rather bringing attention to the exploits of the media.  I think its great.











TG:  What would you say normally inspires your sets?   Is it a specific theme?

Dena: As for what inspires me…I would say themes and time periods mostly. I tend to prefer the dark, but I also have a fascination with Shabby Chic…go figure!! I am a strange creature indeed 🙂


TG:  Well I think its great to see some sets that are different and try to promote an idea.  Sometimes once you’ve seen a Hollister shirt…’ve seen a Hollister shirt.  ha ha ha
Is there anything about Polyvore that you wish you could change?

Dena: What would I change about the site? Hrrrmmm….maybe the comment section. I think it should easier to reply to someone’s comment. 

TG:  Do you have any favorite artists or sets on Polyvore?

Dena:  Ok…I have sooo many favorites. I do know that Suzanne4 has some fabulous sets and Ren77 too. I tend to go back to their sets quite often when I am just browsing. It is so hard to pick from so many choices.

TG:  I would have a terrible time picking myself!  Well thank you for taking some time to talk to me!  I really enjoy your sets and the thoughts that you put with them.  In closing I just want to highlight one other set you have,  Its actually one of the first sets I came across on Polyvore and is truly one of my top fav’s still.  It’s called ” Go Ask Alice.”.  I find Alice in Wonderland such a flexible theme.  It can be beautiful or it can be dark and creepy.  Its so versatile and I love what you’ve done with the dark side of Alice! 


  As usuaI I hope that everyone will stop by Dena aka Evil Lily’s sets and give her some awesome feedback!  Stick around this week for more Polyvore fun!  And next Friday we’ll have our next featured artist.


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