Polyvore’s Next Top Set!

  I’m so excited I could just pop a blowfish!  I’m finally going to start my spin on “next top model” with a new contest starting in my group later tonight/tomorrow.  Its titled “Polyvore’s Next Top Set”.  Concept is simple.  Contestants are narrowed down each week until there is one winner.  People who win each week are the only ones allowed to enter the next week’s contest.   All winners will be featured here on my blog each week, so you’ll have the chance to comment, critique and ooh and ahh!  Be the coolest guest judge ever!

For this to really be a mega-super-crazy hit,  we need all the people participating that we can get!  So spread the word, the link and the peanut butter and let’s get ready for Season 1 of : POLYVORE’S NEXT TOP SET!

 To prepare for the contest you’ll need to join my group:  Polyvore A la Carte!  That way you will receive announcements about winners and even when the contest starts.  

Here are the rules:

1.  Week 1 will have a 2 entry requirement.  After that only 1 entry will be allowed each week.

2.  This is for ALL types of collaging and sets.  NOT just fashion.  Each week’s challenge will be themed around a different type and style of collaging.  Everything from fashion to art to interior will be used.

3.  Depending on how many entries we have,  week 1 will be narrowed down either into 24 OR 12 competitors.  Every week thereafter we will eliminate either 1 OR 2 contestants.

  This mega-super-crazy competition is more about composition and creativeness than making a pair of shoes look good with a dress.  This is about ART (not art sets, but artistic viewpoints)  This is about who is the best *all around* COLLAGER,  not fashionista or interior designer.  I’m looking for the person who can do it ALL.

 If you have any questions you can PM me on Polyvore.com.   In case you don’t know my ID is: TamairaG

Let’s have some fun!!

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