Glad to see I’m not alone in my disgruntled opinion about the recent Polyvore Office contest.  I was pretty peeved with the results and I’m glad to see I’m not alone.  C’mon Polyvore.  You know better.

  To see the article and comments you can go to the Polyvore Official Blog and scroll down to the winners post about the contest.  Please post your opinion in the comments section.  They need to hear how wrong it all was.

  And to be clear, its not that the winning sets weren’t nice, (thank goodness), but they clearly did not follow the guidelines set out in the contest info.  It makes entering a contest completely pointless if the winners don’t even follow the rules.  

Also – and then I’ll stop ranting – why in the WORLD did the users VOTE in this contest???  DUH.  Polyvore – if you have a contest with guidelines about YOUR offices…don’t you think YOU should be deciding the winners?  It was a cheap cop-out and extremely disappointing.   

  We simply HAVE to stop letting people vote in these contests.  They are not legit results.  They are completely biased voting,  mainly teensters that have “popularity issues” and people that don’t pay attention to the rules!!


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