Its been awhile since we’ve had a featured artist on here.  My mega apologies.  However we do have one today! *yay*.  She goes by the screen name “MelissaKaye” on Polyvore.  Without further ado, here are some of MelissaKaye’s featured sets this week and her interview.  Please stop by and give her some kudos!

TG: Tell us about yourself. 
I am a 39 year old single mom who lives in the pacific northwest near the Canadian border. I have a 17 year old daughter who is a senior in high school this year and has hopes of going into the fashion industry after school. 

TG: Are you doing fashion or art for a living? 
I have always dreamed of being an interior designer, but sadly in this area there is not a real demand for it. In my “real” life I work as a Registered Nurse in a newborn intensive care unit. I work with premature and full term sick babies. Very rewarding job, the babies are a joy to work with and fun to watch them grow and be able to go home. I feel that I make a difference in peoples lives. I often keep in contact with the families of the babies so I can be updated through the years with pictures and stories of how they are doing. 

TG:  How long have you been on polyvore? 
My daughter went on vacation this past July. Being a night shift worker I tend to stay up at night, so I got on Polyvore and have been addicted ever since. 

TG: What was your initial thought when first finding polyvore….and how did you find polyvore? 
My daughter Sierra introduced it to me at first. She would show me her sets and I would say “thats nice honey” and then move on. But once I sat down with her I could tell this site was different than most. Where else could you have this huge closet of clothes and items and not pay for it? 

TG: Tell us the inspiration behind the set we featured above. Did it have any special meaning? 
I love the picture in the set, the woman seems so independent, yet its like she is missing someone, I also did this set because I fell in love with the shoes and skirt and had to combine them somehow in a set…it just all sort of fell together. 

TG: What do you think inspires most of your sets? clothes, art? 
I dont necessarily have one style, its whatever I find that appeals to me or what my mood is. I do tend to go for vintage or romantic though. I am a huge collector of antiques and vintage items so that is where I get my inspiration. I collect a lot of compacts, purses, hats, teacups, and I especially love table top lighters from the 50s and 60s. I also look to my daughter for inspiration, she has a huge closet and a great head for fashion. I tend to design sets for her also. 

TG: What is your favorite set that you’ve made? why? 
I love a lot of my sets but one of my favorites is “All Things Vintage” (shown below). I love the colors and how everything just fell together and of course because of the whole vintage thing. 

TG: Do you have a favorite set that someone else on polyvore has done
I really like light.my.sapphire  I think she makes beautiful sets and always leaves wonderful comments. Another I like, kinda unconventional, is EtchaSketchinLola. People are always challenging her to make sets with items and she always comes through and leaves the best commentary below the set. The sets of Katarina-Kaja are simply amazing and also Sexyplexi she has a great style thats all her own and I love the items she uses. 

TG: What would be the first thing about polyvore that you would change? 
I absolutely love the site, but I would make it so the contests are more fairly judged. Also when creating a set my biggest pet peeve is not being able to rotate items the way I want them to lay.

Well thank you MelissaKaye for stopping by and answering some questions and letting us oogle over your sets!  I hope everyone will stop by her profile and give her some awesome comments.  I’m on the lookout for my next featured artist, if you’re interested in being that next person, leave your link in the comments and I’ll check you out.  You never know!

(below: more sets by Melissakaye)

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  1. Hi Tamaira!

    Thank you so much for linking my Polyvore profile on your fabulous blog! I think you are a brilliant writer and I love reading your posts. It’s so good seeing MelissaKaye’s sets featured here and learning about the inspiration behind her sets, they’re really beautiful and always well put together (thanks Melissa for your kind words about my sets!). I look forward to the next ‘featured artist’ 😀

    I also have you bookmarked now — will definitely be checking back in the next few days! 🙂 Many thanks!! xx

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