Polyvore’s Next Top Set – Round 2 RESULTS!

Round 2 has been completed!  Here are your contestants left in the game followed by some personal comments by me.  Remember there is NO immunity.  So each contestant is able to be eliminated each week regardless of rank.

1st Place – Milkteeth –  that has to be the most beautiful set I’ve seen in  a long time!  That’s what really won me over,  how you could take such a morbid-esque image and make it beautiful is amazing!

2nd Place – Biancabelle-  Gorgeous.  Love it.  The way you achieved a water color effect was genius.   Also there was no better quote than that one –perfect.

3rd Place – Hellocrystal- Its just so pretty!  I actually liked your first one better, I thought it tied together a bit better, but the quote you put on this one was very fun.  I love how “pop-art” it became.

4th place – Nut-meg- Yours had the most gritty appeal and I loved the dirty look you achieved.  The quote really made you think and that was my favorite part about it,  how deep it actually was.

5th place – Sky13 –I love how you took a completely different approach to the challenge.  Your set had depth and dimension and you never saw the same thing twice.  The use of the art was so subtle yet fitting.

6th place – Missjojo –You always achieve such a mystical fantasy approach when doing your sets.  The amount of detail you put into them is astounding,  I loved it.

7th place – 7zippyy//*sasha –I loved how you used the artwork to tell a story.  It made your set have some depth and meaning and took it to an entirely different place than the other sets.

8th place – Pettyd – I liked that you found a way to stick with what you felt comfortable with –fashion.  Yet you managed to tie in the art work nicely.  Cute outfit as well, btw.

9th place – Painthead – Your set in my opinion was the darkest of them all.  Instead of trying to change the feeling of the image,  you just went with it.  It was fun to see something “dark”especially from you!  Since you are normally so perky and bright colored in your sets.  It was nice to see a risk taken from the norm.

10th place – Eva213 – I honestly loved the very first set you did better.  You also would have been the only one to choose that image, but this one was nice as well.  You have such a different approach to your sets its always interesting to see what you’ll come up with.

11th place – Les –  You took the most simple approach, but it was hilarious!  Sometimes simpler is better and the tiny details you used in the set were genius.  Keep up the good work.



Shoegirl927  I thought your set was adorable, but I would have liked to have seen you use the artwork in a more subtle or imaginative way.    That is ultimately what made the decision for me.  However, it was not bad in any way!  I love your sets and hope you’ll compete again when we do season 2!  Thanks for competing!  :o)


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