Round 3 Results!

 Unfortunately…..we had some people drop out of this round.  This is extremely disappointing for many reasons.  First of all its not fair to those that are still competing because now no one will get eliminated…which makes this round completely pointless…and it was the hardest round.  So there’s no feeling of accomplishment…because…well…you know.   So I’m a bit disheartened right now.  Its also not fair to those that really wanted to compete in this challenge but didn’t make it through.  So I apologize to them and I hope that we won’t have this situation occur again.  :o(    Anyone who has ever watched America’s Next top model or Project Runway or Top Chef knows that the challenges aren’t always easy, they’re not always what you want.  They’re CHALLENGES – so I’m not going to title a round “whatever you want”  because that’s not challenging.  So take this as your advance warning should you participate in future “seasons”.  I’m not going to make it easy.  That’s pointless.

Ooookay, now that I’ve ranted – say congrats to your remaining contestants.  Some of them had explainations with their sets (which I love) so I’ve included them for your reading pleasure.
Round 4 will be up tomorrow.

1st place – eva213 – Basically this set was genius.  Not only did you take a different approach to the challenge…you also didn’t take it *literally*.   It was a fantastic example of thinking outside of the box.  For those of you wondering what I mean,  just read her explanation below.  I loooved it.

2nd Place – painthead –  What I loved about this was how you managed to portray the candy as an addiction…almost comparable to heroine.  The set makes me feel as though the person has something to hide, some horrible secret.  It was also humorous to look at (in a good way).

3rd place – hellocrystal – I loved that you took the same approach as eva213,  with the framed candy ad’s on the walls.  It was a great way to keep the theme and keep the bathroom from looking silly. :o)

4th place – Les –  Love the depth you achieved in this set.  Very fun and almost sexy!

5th place – Missjojo – Love the look of the bathroom in this set, very rich looking and nice touches with the candy.


6th place – nut-meg- cute idea with the quote.  It was a very fun set to look at. :o)

7th place – biancabelle – Very cute! Although the candy wasn’t very inconspicuous! haha

8th place – sky13 – Like your last set, I loved how you create depth in your sets.  It was very fun to look at and see what kinds of things I’d find hidden in your sets, and I loved the bubbles!  The only problem I had was that the lawyer was supposed to be male. (wink wink)  But still a very cute set. 

Eliminated this round:

The following people were eliminated this round due to disqualification.  They did not have sets turned in by the deadline.  I wish them luck with future sets.


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