Round 4 Winners!

Here are the latest winners from round 4.  We did have to say goodbye to one contestant.  Wish her luck!

1st – eva213 –  I loved how you didn’t stay in the shape of a square or rectangle.  You used the shape of textures literally in their raw form to create an image that strayed from the “norm”.   That was my favorite part about it.  Great job!

On the Edge of Sleep by eva213

2nd – Sky13 –  I think this set first of all is simply gorgeous!  And before I read your title or description the first thing I said out loud was, “ looks sad, like a broken heart”.   So I was soooo happy that was your intention because you did a great job of carrying that across.

Me, MySelf..& a Broken Heart.. by SKY13

3rd place – missjojo –  You had such a great idea of creating an image FROM the textures, I really loved the originality and thought behind it.  Your title was so in depth and mature.  Great job!

Shedding the Chrysalis by ♥missjojo♥

4th place – hellocrystal –  What’s so funny about this is when I first saw it I thought it reminded me of an 80’s rock type set.  So now that I’ve seen what you titled it….I keep thinking of Poison’s song “Every Rose Has A Thorn”.  LOL!!  And whenever I see it,  the song pops into my head.  Probably not what you were going for but I love the depth in the textures and the pop color.

Life is a rose; beware of the thorns by hellocrystal

5th place – painthead –  So I noticed today while judging that you changed part of your set.  I thought it looked pretty good the first way,  but I have to admit I love the splash of red you gave it.  I think it was a good change and I’m glad you did it.  It gave it that “something extra”.  As far as the theme,  I loved that you used your home town as the inspiration, I think it definitely took on a “grungy downtown industrial” feel to it.  Great job!

Street Art by PaintHead

6th place – biancabelle –  I definitely thought this looked like the sky was breaking!  I thought the lyrics choice was nice and the way you placed the cracks on the set kept it from looking too busy and cluttered, and also kept it from looking too overworked.  I really enjoyed looking at it!

break the sky by biancabelle

7th place – nut-meg –  I really liked your concept for this set.  I could definitely see the garden door and Secret Garden was/is one of my all time FAVORITE books.  So I got giggly thinking about it.  The only thing that kept you from placing a bit higher were the roses.  I totally get why they were there, but they were *almost* too distracting for me when looking at the set.  I think if there was a way you could have blended them into the back ground  a bit better it would have helped the visual appeal.  I certainly wouldn’t have taken them off,  just blended a bit.

secret garden door by Nut-Meg


This round we have to say goodbye to “Les !”.  She was an awesome competitor and it was so incredibly hard to make the decision during this round.  I thought all of the sets were spectacular.  Les I would say that while you did use alot of different textures in your set,  when looking at it, it felt like something was missing.  Not sure what exactly but it was missing that *pop* factor.   I still thought it was wonderful and I hope you’ll come back next time we do this.  Thanks soooo much for participating! You’ve been great!

freedom butterfly by Les !

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