Round 5 Instructions

EDIT!!! –  Because I screwed up royally and forgot to give you links, THEN deleted the set so now I have no links…..yeah.    So here is the link to the image urls….I’m just warning you because I made up these rounds ages ago…I couldn’t find some of the shoes…which makes me sad because I REALLY liked those boots.  Ah well.  Anyways,  the new images are here:

Apologies!  I can’t believe I did that!  ARGH.

Here is info on Round 5.  As usual please read the rules for this round throughly.  :o)

5 by ●Tamaira♥G●

1.  This round will be a week long.  But don’t let that fool you.  Because you’ll have so much time, and its a bit easier of a round.  I’ll be looking for pure perfection in your sets.

2.  To start,  please pick one item from each row.  None of the items are set up to really go with each other.  So the challenge is to combine your three items into a look that is believable.  Convince me that your 3 items go together.

4.  Warning:  Don’t go for the obvious.  The riskier you are, the better the rewards.  But make sure you can pull it off!

5.  You can use ANYTHING in your set as long as it contains one item from each row above.   Add as much as you need to,  to make sure that your looks go together.

6.  But be warned!  This round is about FASHION –  so make your look the main focus of the set.

Good luck!

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