Ok. That’s it.

You know what really bugs me?  People who enter completely random sets into very specific contests.

How’s that for just getting to the point?  haha

This actually doesn’t have anything to do with my contests going right now, since I”m only allowing the finalists to compete.  But it has happened to me in the past and I just noticed it with another contest I was entering myself.   I can sort of understand if you don’t read the directions very well and make an “oops” and enter something “sort of” unrelated.   *deep breath*   But when the TITLE of the contest says something specific….let’s say….such as “Halloween”  and you enter some random thing that is in no way Halloween related…..I just think you’re dumb.  Sorry, but I do.    If you can’t read a couple of words then quit clogging up the contests with your crap.  *ducks*

Really people,  is it that hard?   READ what you are entering before you enter it.   Only a complete idiot would pick your set to win anyways considering it has *nothing* to do with the contest.  So why are you wasting everyone’s time??

/rant complete  ;o)

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  1. I completely agree!! Not only does it seem dumb, but I also find it extremely tacky. It’s almost like inviting yourself to a party, or wearing shorts to a formal event. It may be appropriate somewhere.. but not in this context! Plus, I feel like there’s this attitude that says “oh, they made these rules and requirements, BUT.. I’m -clearly- MUCH too important for these silly rules. They only apply to lesser mortals.”

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