Round 5 RESULTS!

Ready to see who made it through and who was eliminated?  Look no further!  Today we have the results of Round 5!  The rules were to create a fashion focused set by choosing one item from each column of a set I made.  Here are the results!

1st – painthead – HA!  Love the title have to say.  But I also throughly enjoyed the layout and the creative elements you included in the set.  It was completely different than the other entries and you took a risk by using those boots with that dress.  You’re 80’s pop flair completely had me convinced! Bravo!

Tamaira Gunns said “Make it Work” by PaintHead

2nd – nut-meg –  So I thought that this set had such a Tokyo vibe to it and the layout was very balanced and visually appealing.  I enjoyed seeing a pairing of items that weren’t immediately thought to be meant for each other.  I think its very wearable and a fun idea!

bold yet still fragile by Nut-Meg

3rd- hellocrystal –  I love how the items are right up “in your face” so to speak, lol.  And I was waiting to see someone do that combo of red shoes and blue dress,  HOWEVER, what took me by surprise was the pairing of the dress with the turtleneck.  Very Audrey and fun.  Great bold colors.  Reminds me of a chic Christmas outfit worn by someone who hates green. ha!

Warm Love by hellocrystal

4th- biancabelle –  Your set had such a funky vibe to it.  Very nice and I love, love, love those shoes with that dress.  You pulled it together with the jacket and made it very hip and young.  Great job.

you are my sweetest downfall by biancabelle

5th- missjojo –  So I loved your punky London vibe you were going for.  Very fun.  I think this may have been a moment where less could have been more.  You *almost* had too much going on,  it felt like my eyes were bouncing around everywhere! haha  I would have liked to have seen how you incorporated your own style of art sets into a fashion set.  I feel like you kinda tried to do “what you see most” instead of doing what missjojo does best.  Probably in an attempt to keep it from being too artsy which is understandable,  but I think if you can find that balance you could have some really amazing fashion sets!

BoLLoCks!! by ♥missjojo♥

6th- sky13 –  So this was honestly a very hard decision for who should go and who should remain.  I didn’t feel as though your set had any risky elements to it.  It was a bit safe.  But what won out was your layout.  I think it was a bit more balanced and appealing to the eye.  I love the winter feel to it but I just would have liked to have seen *more*.  I hope that makes sense!  Keep up the great work!

Can I ..?! by SKY13


This round we have to say goodbye to eva213.   So I liked that you took 2 huge risks.  One being your combo of items and the other being the way you arranged them.  I just don’t think they were that cohesive though.  I see what you were going for but I think it lacked that one piece that really pulled it all together.  There wasn’t anything that really convinced me that someone should wear it.  I do love your original approach to designing sets.  You certainly look at things differently than most.  Keep up the good work and thanks so much for participating!! You’ve been awesome.  I hope to see your sets in future contests, they are always exciting.

Art Deco Diva by eva213

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