Round 6 Winners!

Our contest is quickly approaching the end!  Who will be the lucky winner? Only time can tell!

Here are our results from Round 6!

1st – biancabelle- Loved this set.  It was cute and fun, there was always something new to look at.  And I loved the art you used in the set.  The two women walking were my favorite part.  Very balanced and fun to look at.

things to remember by biancabelle

2nd – missjojo – Loved the theme, very original.  The layout was great and everything was so fun to look at.  I never knew when I’d see something I hadn’t seen before.  It kept me looking and that is the goal!

The Weird & Wonderful… by ♥missjojo♥

3rd – painthead – Your sets are always so whimsical and fun.  The mermaid theme was perfect and was carried out very well.

Where Mermaids Dwell by PaintHead

4th – hellocrystal –  I loved your explanation of why you did what you did.  And the items you chose were consisitent with that explanation.  Each of them looked like they had been cut out of a magazine.  It was super cute and so bright and cheerful.

What do you want to know? by hellocrystal

5th – nut-meg- I loved how you used something from childhood for your theme.  It had such a great feel to it,  very homey and full of love.  Great job!

Visiting Mamaw by Nut-Meg


This round we say goodbye to Sky13.

Sky13 – Your sets are so fun to look at and you’ve always done such a great job.  Its getting increasingly harder to decide who gets eliminated!  What was the deciding factor was that your set seemed to focus primarily on the dress, instead of the all around idea.  It was adorable and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

Just Leave My Mind..Please.. by SKY13

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