Round 7 Results! – Finally!

Ok results are in for Round 7!  Thanks everyone for being patient this round….I had a ton of stuff to do and it coincided with the end of this round! (oops)

1st- hellocrystal –  great ad!  I love the theme you picked and how you put it together.  Great job!

Harajuku Lovers by hellocrystal

2nd- biancabelle – I thought the shoe was a very eye catching object to use and the use of her quote was a nice touch.  The only thing I would have changed would have been to place the quote maybe in a different place or fit it better on the shoe.  All in all however great job!

xox by biancabelle

3rd- nut-meg-  I love how you incorporated the cake with the shoes.  It took me a minute to realize that they didnt’ already come that way! So great idea!  Nicely put together as well. Love the disclaimer. :o)

Pastry Shoes Ad by Nut-Meg – Happy Halloween –

4th- missjojo-  I liked the quote you used….I think it was almost too busy to see the clothes, which you would have wanted to be the main focus.  But I love the feel you gave the ad.  Great job!

Sass & Bide by ♥missjojo♥ so behind…..


PaintHead – I loved the theme of your ad and the wording around it.  It just didn’t seem to flow as well as some of the others.  Thanks so much for participating!  Your sets are always so fun and interesting,  I’ve loved having you as one of the finalists!  Best of luck on future sets.

Everybody falls for Her by PaintHead(Later Gators)

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