Round 9 RESULTS!

I have the results from Round 9…..WHEW! What a tough decision!  I never dreamed it would be this hard.

Without Further ado….

1st – hellocrystal –  Ok I think that you truly had the toughest challenge of all three.  And I was sooo excited to see that you absolutely NAILED it.   I mean,  if you had shown me that amongst a bunch of others I think I could have told anyone that it was yours.  Your style and color schemes came through really well,  it definitely had your signature.  And your attention to detail was awesome!  I mean the coal was a nice touch….but the footprint? Genius.  I mean I couldn’t find anything wrong with that set if I tried.  It was just really good.  I think its one of my favorite interior sets of all time actually.  Bravo!

Christmas Morning by hellocrystal*turning 25 too soon

2nd- missjojo –  I was wondering how you’d feel about getting the fashion set….but I’m so glad you’re enjoying them now!  I think this one is probably your best I’ve seen so far.  They are definitely getting better and better as you go.   And I am so glad I could help get you in that direction!  That just makes the whole process even more fun and more rewarding to know that people are actually growing and learning while having fun!  I thought your decision to go pink instead of “traditional” winter colors was a nice touch.  I love the arrangement and feel.  Awesome job!

Round 9 – Luck of the…door? by ♥missjojo♥


biancabelle –  Oh *hugs* I will miss your sets sooo much!  I just love them!  It was so hard to make a decision and I think the ultimate factor was just that the other two sets had more “going on” that yours did.  But yours was so sweet and innocent and really captured the theme well.  Thanks sooo much for sticking around and participating in my contest! I really appreciate it!

in the palm of your hand by biancabelle

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