Polyvore’s Next Top Set – Season 1 – WINNER!

Oh goodness.  This has been more of a ride than I could have ever imagined!  I’ve learned so much about the people that competed, and have really grown to respect each of them.  I feel as though I know a small part about them…..it’s an amazing feeling really.  I can’t really describe it.  What started out as a fun idea has turned into something much bigger.  I’m sooo glad that it did!  Thank you to everyone who supported it, participated, asked questions, read the blog and joined our group.  Thank you!!

Our winner for season 1 deserves it more than anyone.  Her designs have been stylized and perfect since the beginning of this competition.  And while I struggled ALOT with the winner of this final round…I have to say that I’m confident that I picked what is best.  But wow….it was HARD.   Without further ado:



hellocrystal has a style unlike most on Polyvore.  She never fails to deliver on each and every challenge.  I’m always excited to see what she’ll do and am impressed each time.  I’m sooo glad she chose to participate!  Here is her winning set, which will also be used as the logo for Season Two (once we get to Season2).

PNTS Season Two- First entry by hellocrystal

I looooooved each of the 4 logos that were turned in…..I want to use all of them!! haha  It was so hard to decide.  But this one made me instantly go “yeeeeeeah”. And the quotes were just hilarious.  So that made my decision.

To missjojo,  our runner-up. You are AMAZING.  I love your sets and your style,  I’m so glad you stuck with the contest.  I’ve loved talking with you and seeing your sets each week.  Thank you SO MUCH for everything you do on Polyvore and all the great support you gave to this competition!

Below are some of my favorite sets that hellocrystal did this Season.  Enjoy! (and stop by and give her congrats!!)

Christmas Morning by hellocrystal

Wild Woman by hellocrystal

Mr. Candyman Esq. by hellocrystal

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