PNTS – Season 2 – ROUND 1 WINNERS!

So we had a slight bump in our second season already.  It seems that when I published the contest originally…it only registered 3 places instead of 12.  I know that always annoys the heck out of me when I win something and it doesn’t register…so apologies to those who’s sets didn’t show on the winning page.   Rather than make *another* round to simply do this and waste time…we’re just going to pretend we didn’t notice and keep moving forward.

Before I do I want to go over a few new changes since Season 1.  To begin with there is now a guest judge that will be assisting in the judging of each round.   How this will work is that we will separately come up with our own picks and then collaborate.  People that we both agree on will automatically be in the top ranks,  and then my decision will be the final “dealbreaker” on the rest.  You might also see her critiques here after each round.  Its a nice way to include more insight than just mine.  :o)

Also – Unlike Season 1 – each round will now be a week long.  To make sure everyone has time to complete the best set they can.  Until we reach the top 5, then the rounds will be limited to 3 days to increase difficulty.   Like last time, anyone missing the deadline is disqualified.

Like last year,  each round will be shown here on the blog and you will also find instructions for each new round as well.

If you’re wondering why one set won and other didn’t or maybe you’re curious how I pick – basically I look at overall concept and design first.  And then go from there.  But some people win because they do something new or something I’ve not seen before.  Maybe they had a clever idea or did a style that was unique.  I like a broad range of sets….to keep it interesting.

Ok! So without further blah blah here are our 12 finalists for Season 2!!!  *lots of cheering*

Polyvore A la Carte! Interior
Polyvore A la Carte! Interior by JO
Arriving Home
Arriving Home by torilink
Whatever You Do...
Whatever You Do… by adelchristian
and i'll never give myself to another the way i gave it to you.
and i’ll never give myself to another the way i gave it to you. by classic (busy)
-+-+-+- by JJMAR!E
Sleepover by WhatTheDuck?
Relax by Moon-ie ™ – request open!
African touch
African touch by Les !
Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire
Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire by Pegasus Haven (Away all Day)
Untitled by (¯`♥ shelbs
What's in my purse?
What’s in my purse? by shoegirl927

Round 2 will be up and running tomorrow!  Check back!

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