Round 4 WINNERS!

Here are our winners from Round 4!  Congrats!  Below the sets are the critiques.
Round 4 - Season 2

Untitled – by (¯`♥ shelbs on

We wish you all the best in your further set making! Thank you for participating! 🙂

First of all…a group critique.

Everyone seemed to use the same idea.  Either a pink haired girl…or someone with their mouth open.  lol    Its not that it didn’t fit the “idea” of the round….but its just that everyones was nearly the same.   There was very little “thinking outside the box”.   I also felt that some people took a more lazy approach by using the same image that I had used in my set.  Not that theres anything wrong with that….technically.  But I just like to see more creativity.  🙂   Everyone’s was so much on the same level – that it was very difficult to judge.  I decided to put the most different sets up top,  which would be “moonie” and “les!”.   Neither used an image like mine and Les! even went further outside the box and made a set completely unlike the others. (bravo Les!)  Also….just as a note…angry doesn’t equal obnoxious.  LOL!  I know that it was a tough one to do…..but sometimes the sets bordered more on “mad” than “bratty”.  If that make sense.  However, they all looked great!

Round 5 will be up later!

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