Round 5!

This round we’re doing an old favorite of mine…with a bit of a twist.
pnts r5
pnts r5 – by ●Tamaira♥G● on

Read carefully!

1. 7 days,  1 elimination

2. This set is to be FASHION oriented.  Meaning that is the primary focus.

3.  You must pick *1* item from EACH column. Columns run vertically (IOW there are 4 columns)

4.  Each item must be easily seen in your set.   You can use other items such as accessories…but the items you choose from the columns must be more visible.

5.  Everyone MUST use the wildcard item.

6.  The final column is a description.  You need to label your set with a title that includes one of those words. Your set must also be in the style of the word you choose.  (IOW – if you choose the word “fun” your set needs to be themed in a fun way,  or if you choose “dreamy” your set needs to be dreamy)

7.  Extra points given to creative thinking….don’t go for the obvious…try to make something harder.

8.  The more detailed and creative sets will be ranked higher..but do so in a balanced and well designed way.  Sometimes less is more….but I’d like to see a really well thought out fashion set with great detail.

The contest is starting to get tougher!  Let’s see what you’ve got!

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