Round 5 Results!

Here are our results from Round 5!  Critiques below the winner sets.


1st Torilink –  Great set, love the earrings!  Nice job of incorporating each item.  I enjoyed your explanation at the bottom!  Always a plus. 🙂

2nd Jo – I have to admit…if you’ve seen any of my sets you know I love a theme! (haha)  So I was really hoping that someone would do a “Red Riding Hood” take on some of the items.  I was very pleased to see that someone did!  I loved it.  Really great job.

3rd Moon-ie – Great presentation,  I liked the classic feel to it.  Nice job.

4th Adelechristian- I liked that you added “alot” to the set.  Sometimes it was hard to find the items,  but overall I enjoyed the detail that you put into it.  Nice job. 🙂

5th JJMARIE – I really liked your set…but it was eerily similar to Torilinks….and this wasn’t the first time in this round that that seemed to happen.  Really strive to do something completely different than everyone else.  It gets you further.  😉  But nice job overall.

6th Shoegirl927 –  Lovely set,  I would have liked to have seen more detail but overall the layout worked nicely.

7th Les! –  Les I can always count on you to be completely different than everyone else…but in this case the layout is was did you in (to a degree).  I think most of it worked and I got what you were going for…but it didn’t “quite” go all the way.  I still enjoy seeing what neat ideas you’ll come up with each week.  Nice job. 🙂


Pegasus Haven – The problem that I had was that this was nearly an exact copy of shoegirl927’s set. It was made a day after and also turned in after hers. I don’t know if it was coincidence or not…and I’m certainly not implying that you did it on purpose….but there was nothing to prove otherwise so I and my guest judge felt it was best that you were eliminated this round. The second problem was that this was supposed to be a fashion set…and your set was missing pants! I did give me a bit of a giggle, I will admit. I certainly enjoy your sets and wish you the best of luck in the future.

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