Round 7 – The Teeny Tiny Set

Ok we have an interesting challenge for Round 7!  Also the rules are changing just a bit,  so be sure you read through everything.


Round 7 –
The Teeny
Tiny Set


1. This is a 3 day contest,  1 elimination

2.  You are to make a set consisting of ONLY 5 items.

3.  The definition of an “item” is how many shown items you use on the right side of your set.  For example – my set with the rugs to the right – technically there are 6 things in that photo…BUT in reality the rugs were *together* on Polyvore as “one item”.  That is ok – it is the amount of “boxes” that count as items.  I hope that made sense.  If you can find a way to cheat it by doing what I did – go for it.   But it doesn’t really gain you anymore points. (example of what I mean at bottom of post)

4.  You can choose to do an artistic set or interior set.  I’ve made an example of both above.  They do not have to be “literal”.  As in, if you do an interior it doesn’t have to look like a room.  As you can see by mine…its very abstract.  So be creative!

5.  Absolutely NO fashion sets.  An item here and there is fine….stay away from clothes.

6.  You can choose whether you want the set to look small when you view it…or if you just want it to be normal sized.  Either way – only 5 items.

Get busy!  You only have 3 days this time!

Example of what I mean by “items” :  As you can see with the bottles,  there are more than one in the image.  That only counts as 1 item though.  Each box is 1 item.  Hope that helps clarify!

r7 example

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