Round 8 Results!

Sorry for the delay everyone….this was a really tough one to judge.  Really tough.   So after over-thinking it for quite some time…..I decided to judge on the most simple of bases.  The rules.  😉

Here are the results!

1st- JJMARIE – Fab! This idea was unique, original, and HILARIOUS!  I loved it.
Ever Wonder...?
Ever Wonder…? – by JJMAR!E on

2nd – Shoegirl927 – Again, this was a really “different” idea. And since I wanted to see “outside of the box” thinking, I was very pleasantly surprised!
If he didn't love her anymore...
If he didn’t love her anymore… – by shoegirl927 on

3rd – Les! – Cute idea! I love that you put so many items in your set, its beautifully layed out and nice to look at.
*~'Alice in wonderland'~*
*~’Alice in wonderland’~* – by Les ! on

4th – Jo – Such a cute idea! Love the theme and I really love the quote! hahaha it made me laugh! Great job!
Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter – by JO on

Moon-ie, I really loved this set and because it was so hard to decide who was leaving this round I had to go back to the basics. 🙂 Your set was beautiful but it missed one important rule…be a rectangle. 😉 The set was supposed to mimic the shape originally set out in the rules. So that is truly the only reason you were eliminated this round. I love your sets!! Best of luck in the future! 🙂

The Princess Story
The Princess Story – by Moon-ie™ – BUSY on

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