Round 10 – Its in the Bag!

Ok I’m excited for Round 10 because its just insanely crazy.  hahaha  I love the mass amounts of…”WHAT?” I’m going to get for this one.   tee hee hee

Ok things are going to get nutty….here come the rules first:

1. 7 Day competition, 1 elimination  (trust me you’re going to like that I made it a week long.  I want some seriously good stuff here!)

2.  In the set below there are 6 bags/boxes.  Each box either contains an art set, fashion set or interior set.  There are 2 of each hidden amongst the boxes.  You will each choose 2 boxes and ultimately make TWO sets for this round.  Obviously your two sets will consist of whatever boxes you chose.

3.  Along with what type of sets you’ll be doing there is also a bonus item hidden in each bag. (hey, they’re big bags ok?)  Your set, no matter what it is, needs to include that item visibly in the set somewhere.

Now for the fun part.

4.  Each set NO MATTER WHAT TYPE needs to be themed/based/inspired by an Ogden Nash poem.  A personal favorite poet of mine.  Each of your two sets can be based off of a different poem, so you don’t have to use the same one twice, or you can.   I would prefer one of his smaller poems.  It does NOT have to be “in” the set.  But I would like the poem at least listed below your set in the “notes” area.  I am looking for serious creativity here,  that’s why you have a week to do this.

5.  No box will be used twice, so we’ll go in order of who won.  Jo will choose first, followed by JJMARIE and then Les! – rinse, repeat.   Each time a person chooses I will cross off that box so you’ll know what’s available.  After everyone has chosen, I will send you the item you’ll need in your set – then I will officially list the contest and the clock will start ticking.

If you’re lucky you might get both fashion sets or if you’re unlucky…both interior…..LOL….this is going to be a HOOT! And I can’t wait.  You pretty much have 2 chances to win me over…so use them wisely.

Wow me people.  I want to be amazed.


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