Ok. That’s it.

You know what really bugs me?  People who enter completely random sets into very specific contests.

How’s that for just getting to the point?  haha

This actually doesn’t have anything to do with my contests going right now, since I”m only allowing the finalists to compete.  But it has happened to me in the past and I just noticed it with another contest I was entering myself.   I can sort of understand if you don’t read the directions very well and make an “oops” and enter something “sort of” unrelated.   *deep breath*   But when the TITLE of the contest says something specific….let’s say….such as “Halloween”  and you enter some random thing that is in no way Halloween related…..I just think you’re dumb.  Sorry, but I do.    If you can’t read a couple of words then quit clogging up the contests with your crap.  *ducks*

Really people,  is it that hard?   READ what you are entering before you enter it.   Only a complete idiot would pick your set to win anyways considering it has *nothing* to do with the contest.  So why are you wasting everyone’s time??

/rant complete  ;o)

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ROUND 2 – Comfort Zone 101

  Welcome contestants (and guests) !  Here is where you will be able to find the rules for each round as well as winners from past rounds, etc.  It can get confusing using Polyvore’s announcement system.  So we’re doing it here.  It also allows others to watch what happens without having to join a group.  Some info will be posted in the group itself, but it will be minimal.

 Ok here are the rules for Round 2!!!

Link to set for images: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=3897950


1. This will be a 7 day contest.

2. If you do not get your set entered in time, you will be disqualified.

3.  Please use ONLY one of the above images in your set.  You can make a fashion, art OR interior set as long as you only use one of the images.  Any other items are fine.  If you do not use one of the images OR use more than one, you will be disqualified.

4.  One person will be eliminated from this round – be creative!!!

For any specific questions please PM me.  I will not give advice or critiques until voting time, I will only answer basic “rule based” questions.

Ok? GO!!!

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Polyvore’s Next Top Set! Round 1 RESULTS!

  Congrats to the winners of the first round of Polyvore’s Next Top Set!!  It was ridiculously hard to judge and I agonized about several different sets that didn’t make the final cut.  I hope to do this contest again in the future so if you didn’t make it this time – stick around – you’ll have another chance!  Stop by and give them many much needed kudos!  Below are the top 12 finalists,  because of some odd error on Polyvore,  “sky13” should have had a set in 5th place, but it dropped her when I pushed the results through.  So I’ve added her set at the bottom,  she is still a contestant and hopefully this sort of thing won’t continue to happen.  Tomorrow starts Round 2 – and we’re just getting into the fun!  Check back to see the challenge for round 2 tomorrow! Whoo!

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  Glad to see I’m not alone in my disgruntled opinion about the recent Polyvore Office contest.  I was pretty peeved with the results and I’m glad to see I’m not alone.  C’mon Polyvore.  You know better.

  To see the article and comments you can go to the Polyvore Official Blog and scroll down to the winners post about the contest.  Please post your opinion in the comments section.  They need to hear how wrong it all was.

  And to be clear, its not that the winning sets weren’t nice, (thank goodness), but they clearly did not follow the guidelines set out in the contest info.  It makes entering a contest completely pointless if the winners don’t even follow the rules.  

Also – and then I’ll stop ranting – why in the WORLD did the users VOTE in this contest???  DUH.  Polyvore – if you have a contest with guidelines about YOUR offices…don’t you think YOU should be deciding the winners?  It was a cheap cop-out and extremely disappointing.   

  We simply HAVE to stop letting people vote in these contests.  They are not legit results.  They are completely biased voting,  mainly teensters that have “popularity issues” and people that don’t pay attention to the rules!!


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Slow Going

  Apologies on the lack of updates lately.  I’ve been very busy preparing all of the different rounds for our “Polyvore’s Next Top Set” competition!  Which brings me to my next point,  if you haven’t entered yet,  you only have a few more days before round 1 is over.   Come on down and join the best contest yet!  If you’d like to follow the contest as it goes along,  I will have each round’s info posted here each week as well as an update on the winners and who got eliminated each round.  Its going to be great!

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Polyvore’s Next Top Set!

  I’m so excited I could just pop a blowfish!  I’m finally going to start my spin on “next top model” with a new contest starting in my group later tonight/tomorrow.  Its titled “Polyvore’s Next Top Set”.  Concept is simple.  Contestants are narrowed down each week until there is one winner.  People who win each week are the only ones allowed to enter the next week’s contest.   All winners will be featured here on my blog each week, so you’ll have the chance to comment, critique and ooh and ahh!  Be the coolest guest judge ever!

For this to really be a mega-super-crazy hit,  we need all the people participating that we can get!  So spread the word, the link and the peanut butter and let’s get ready for Season 1 of : POLYVORE’S NEXT TOP SET!

 To prepare for the contest you’ll need to join my group:  Polyvore A la Carte!  That way you will receive announcements about winners and even when the contest starts.  

Here are the rules:

1.  Week 1 will have a 2 entry requirement.  After that only 1 entry will be allowed each week.

2.  This is for ALL types of collaging and sets.  NOT just fashion.  Each week’s challenge will be themed around a different type and style of collaging.  Everything from fashion to art to interior will be used.

3.  Depending on how many entries we have,  week 1 will be narrowed down either into 24 OR 12 competitors.  Every week thereafter we will eliminate either 1 OR 2 contestants.

  This mega-super-crazy competition is more about composition and creativeness than making a pair of shoes look good with a dress.  This is about ART (not art sets, but artistic viewpoints)  This is about who is the best *all around* COLLAGER,  not fashionista or interior designer.  I’m looking for the person who can do it ALL.

 If you have any questions you can PM me on Polyvore.com.   In case you don’t know my ID is: TamairaG

Let’s have some fun!!

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And The Winners Are!

  The contest in Polyvore A la Carte is over!  And here are the winners!

  The contest was titled “And You Can Quote Me On That”.  The only requirement was to use the quote you see shown in each of the sets.  They did a great job!  Stop by and give them kudos.  :o)

1st  Place – By Soccerhearter

2nd Place – By eva213


3rd Place – By andre289

  If you’re interested in original contests and awesome sets,  stop by and check us out!

Polyvore A la Carte! 

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Join! Join!

 My group,  Polyvore A la carte! , is currently holding a contest titled “And you can quote me on that”.   The winner(s) of that contest will be featured here on my blog!

  If you’re interested come on down and enter the contest!   There are a couple of days left. :o)

  You can find the link over on the right side ——->

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Contests Part Deux

  Ok so here is a concern I have about contests and the ability to vote.

  Now maybe I’m just a bit old fashioned and think that if you’re going to have a contest based on art or fashion the only people who should vote are people who know *something* about either.   Now considering that won’t really work on Polyvore……

  The problem is when the contest you entered suddenly asks you to vote is that you have teen’s wanting to vote for their friends  or for a set that might have a actor in it that they like.   I’m not saying everyone does this….but let’s get serious for a moment.  There is no way on this planet that voting in these contests is anywhere close to fair.  

  Now don’t get me wrong.  This is not about “winning”.  This is not about being a sore loser either.   But you can’t help but feel disappointed when you discover that the contest you entered is now down to voting.  Even more so when you realize that the sets that ended up winning didnt’ even follow the rules of the contest.  Now what’s the point of trying if that’s going to continue to happen.   I’ve seen Victorian Set contests with winners that have nothing to do with Victorian.  I’ve seen contests with rules to use certain items with winners that had none of those items.   THAT is frustrating.  It makes the entire point of a contest invalid and really waters it down.


  Well my opinion is that if you can’t handle holding a contest in your group and deciding YOURSELF,  then don’t have one.  OR  have a contest that isn’t  quite so….”deep” in nature.   Don’t have a theme that young girls will have trouble creating and then ask them to vote on it.   If you want to challenge them with a hard theme I say go for it!!  I think its great!  But make sure YOU know what that theme means and then be prepared to judge it yourself.   I’ll use the Victorian example again – if you don’t know what is Victorian then look it up.   And make sure that the winners of that very specific contest actually did something Victorian and not 1920’s or pinup.  

There are a couple of groups I’m considering leaving when I realized that it appears the contests are popularity contests by allowing their friends to win all the time….I won’t mention which ones, but its very disappointing.   There’s just no purpose.   And if you make an art based contest…..you dang well better know what to look for in when viewing art.   Because again,  putting a grunge texture over one photo doesn’t cut it.  My 5 year old cousin can do that,  it doesn’t require thought.  It might look cool?  But its not art.

  In closing I simply ask that if you have a contest with voting that you make the theme VERY easy to understand.   Colors or a certain dress would work.  Maybe voting in a contest where the theme is simply to make the best outfit.  Something where anyone in the voting public whether young or old,  experienced or not can use their opinion to pick the best set.

  Because if another contest about a zebra has a tiger winner….I’m going to pull my hair out.  ;o)


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My Top Groups for Contests

  I promised you a feature on great contest groups and here it is!  Next week I’ll get back to highlighting a certain artist.   Now the groups I’m featuring today I picked because of their contest potential.  They might not have 2920385847234 members, but that’s ok because its not the point.  ;o)  As I mentioned in my previous post, I love the challenges that doing a contest presents.  Most of the time the sets I end up making for contests are sets I wouldn’t have made on my own.  Contests can be like a muse when you’re being creative.  And winning them is just icing on the cake.   Here are some of my favorite contest groups, in no particular order.  If you have a great contest group or are a member of one you think is really fantastic, send me a link or tell me what it is in the comments.   I’m always looking for more groups and I’m sure I’ll miss a great one in this post.  However there are always future posts as more and more groups develop.

1.  50 Theme Fashion Challenge – Moderated by Orangurple
  This group is centered around the idea that you have 50 different themes and the challenge is to get all the way through the 50 items.  You mainly number your sets 1/50, 45/50, etc as you go through.  The themes are listed on the main page of the group and there are some doozies!  I’m currently on #12 myself. Their contests are focused around the different themes,  so as they get to a certain theme – you can enter that set in the contest as well.   It has an amazing sense of accomplishment as you go through and I love it for its ingenious idea for a group.  Hope you’ll visit and start the challenge yourself!

2.  All You Need Is Art – Moderated by Rag doll
This group is mainly about artistic sets, although in my opinion fashion sets can be artistic with a few tweaks here and there.  The thing about artistic contests are that they are usually harder and more competitive.   Themes are more difficult to come up with and therefore usually are more creative.  I just recently joined this group but I am pleased so far with the contests they have had. 

3.  Battle of the Stylists – Moderated by:  Laura Denae
 This group is just fun.  Each contest theme is inspired by a popular TV icon, show, or character.  Laura gives you a heads up on what the next contest theme will be, so you can stay one step ahead.  The themes are always fun to make and her group icon changes with each theme.  The current contest is about the 60’s icon and model “Twiggy”.  Check out her fun group for some “not so serious” collaging.


4.  Childish Fun – Moderated by ☮sototallybored☮ and andrearnamador   
 If you enjoy a more silly environment or wish you could go back to your childhood, then this is the group for you!  It focuses on everything “child”.  From cartoons to superheros to nickelodeon, you name it!  The contests are also focused on these themes.  The current contest is about “superheros and villians”.  Its a great laid back group for being nostalgic.  

5.  The Apple Mafia – Moderated by Queen of the known universe 

  Ok you got me.  This group isn’t large enough to even hold a contest.  But here’s why I mention it.  It absolutely cracks me up.  Whoever would name a group after a gun-toting group of fruit is top notch in my book!  I can’t wait to see what crazy ideas she comes up with after she has enough members.  So for my sanity’s sake,  go join her group so we can get our crazy on!  Oh yeah,  gotta love the logo:


That’s all I have for today!  I would have included my group because I’m quite fond of my contests but in the sake of fairness and non-biased-ness (is that a word?)  I didn’t.  But if you’re interested you can find it in my previous post.   If you think you can top these groups,  tell me!  I’m ready to be challenged!

See you Monday.


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