Copying Vs. Actual Copying

Its been brought to my attention lately alot of talk about people who copy others sets.  I think it is defintely a problem that is going around…..but I see another problem arising from it.   Its becoming a witch hunt.   And people who AREN’T actually copying anything are going to get caught in it.

Let me clarify.  Just because someone has the same “style” as another person, does not mean they are copying.

Its a big world out there people….and on a site with limited items to use,  which is set up like a social network as well….you’re bound to run into people that do one of the following:

1.  Use an item you use.

2.  Use an item in the same way you used it.

3.  Make a set about the same thing as you.

4.  Have the same artistic style or fashion sense as you.

There are billions of people in this world.  The idea that you are the only one that can come up with a good idea is ludicrious!  One thing to say:  Get over yourself!

Several times I’ve come up with something I thought was genius,  only to discover someone else had already done it.   Bummer?  yeah.  But its not their fault or mine.  That’s just the way it is.

If you can’t handle that or don’t understand it…maybe you should take a break for awhile.

Again,  if someone makes the SAME EXACT set as you and passes it off as their own…that’s one thing.  But sharing visions and styles and same objects is NOT copying.   Its a big world!  Get out of your bubble.

On another note.  If you really need to report a copied set,  here’s a great gal who’s helping to clear up the mess.   Just make sure you’re not over reacting first.

♥copy cat♥

♥copy cat♥

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  Please do what you can to contact Polyvore and tell them their latest changes to the site are AWFUL.

  Thank you to Dutchconnection(on) for creating the following set.  I think it encompasses our feelings well.  These changes aren’t just bad, they SUCK.  C’mon Polyvore…what the heck are you doing?

MORE sets condemning this change! Keep’em coming!

Done by: MissIndecisive

Mine —–>

By: torilink 

By: ♥missjojo♥

By: ♥copy cat♥

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  Glad to see I’m not alone in my disgruntled opinion about the recent Polyvore Office contest.  I was pretty peeved with the results and I’m glad to see I’m not alone.  C’mon Polyvore.  You know better.

  To see the article and comments you can go to the Polyvore Official Blog and scroll down to the winners post about the contest.  Please post your opinion in the comments section.  They need to hear how wrong it all was.

  And to be clear, its not that the winning sets weren’t nice, (thank goodness), but they clearly did not follow the guidelines set out in the contest info.  It makes entering a contest completely pointless if the winners don’t even follow the rules.  

Also – and then I’ll stop ranting – why in the WORLD did the users VOTE in this contest???  DUH.  Polyvore – if you have a contest with guidelines about YOUR offices…don’t you think YOU should be deciding the winners?  It was a cheap cop-out and extremely disappointing.   

  We simply HAVE to stop letting people vote in these contests.  They are not legit results.  They are completely biased voting,  mainly teensters that have “popularity issues” and people that don’t pay attention to the rules!!


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Contests Part Deux

  Ok so here is a concern I have about contests and the ability to vote.

  Now maybe I’m just a bit old fashioned and think that if you’re going to have a contest based on art or fashion the only people who should vote are people who know *something* about either.   Now considering that won’t really work on Polyvore……

  The problem is when the contest you entered suddenly asks you to vote is that you have teen’s wanting to vote for their friends  or for a set that might have a actor in it that they like.   I’m not saying everyone does this….but let’s get serious for a moment.  There is no way on this planet that voting in these contests is anywhere close to fair.  

  Now don’t get me wrong.  This is not about “winning”.  This is not about being a sore loser either.   But you can’t help but feel disappointed when you discover that the contest you entered is now down to voting.  Even more so when you realize that the sets that ended up winning didnt’ even follow the rules of the contest.  Now what’s the point of trying if that’s going to continue to happen.   I’ve seen Victorian Set contests with winners that have nothing to do with Victorian.  I’ve seen contests with rules to use certain items with winners that had none of those items.   THAT is frustrating.  It makes the entire point of a contest invalid and really waters it down.


  Well my opinion is that if you can’t handle holding a contest in your group and deciding YOURSELF,  then don’t have one.  OR  have a contest that isn’t  quite so….”deep” in nature.   Don’t have a theme that young girls will have trouble creating and then ask them to vote on it.   If you want to challenge them with a hard theme I say go for it!!  I think its great!  But make sure YOU know what that theme means and then be prepared to judge it yourself.   I’ll use the Victorian example again – if you don’t know what is Victorian then look it up.   And make sure that the winners of that very specific contest actually did something Victorian and not 1920’s or pinup.  

There are a couple of groups I’m considering leaving when I realized that it appears the contests are popularity contests by allowing their friends to win all the time….I won’t mention which ones, but its very disappointing.   There’s just no purpose.   And if you make an art based contest… dang well better know what to look for in when viewing art.   Because again,  putting a grunge texture over one photo doesn’t cut it.  My 5 year old cousin can do that,  it doesn’t require thought.  It might look cool?  But its not art.

  In closing I simply ask that if you have a contest with voting that you make the theme VERY easy to understand.   Colors or a certain dress would work.  Maybe voting in a contest where the theme is simply to make the best outfit.  Something where anyone in the voting public whether young or old,  experienced or not can use their opinion to pick the best set.

  Because if another contest about a zebra has a tiger winner….I’m going to pull my hair out.  ;o)


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I’m Sorry….You Did What?

  You know I hate to be negative….but oh what the heck.   Let me lay out a scenario here and I’ll let you tell me what you think.

  Let’s say you’re on the main site and you’re looking around at all of the fabulous new goodies that people have made…..and then *there*….out of the clear blue,  you see something amazing!  You can’t believe it!  How could anyone make something so COOL?????………then you click on the set and realize its a simple matter of someone taking an already existing photo….and adding a grunge texture to it.


I’m sorry but that’s not artistic.  That’s adding a grunge texture to an already existing photo.   And what floors me is that people find that NEAT.   What I’ve started doing is looking to see what exactly they used to make that set…and if I discover that they used all of 2 items….I’m suddenly very much less impressed.  I’m certainly not going to comment or favorite it.   You didn’t do anything!  Its like ripping off a set that someone else did,  you’re simply using a photo someone else took……and…???

Now don’t get me wrong…I’d never say anything rude or nasty to them.  Nor would I waste my time commenting something in bad taste….but really….what are you thinking??  If you’re so insanely bent on getting comments and favorites that you’d put up something you didn’t really create……????


Its even more disheartening to find them shown on the main blog of the site.   There are alot of fantastic artists out there…..please I beg you!  Find someone that actually DID something beyond layer a crinkle over a cool photo.  You’ll have to excuse me…I’m frustrated.

Doesn’t this bother anyone else?

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