Hotel 9 – A Story

I’m starting a story involving several characters. The main idea centers around a hotel. Each story will be centered around a specific character. You’ll know which part you’re following by watching the titles. The story name appears first,  followed by which character its following and the number it is (so you’ll know if you’re reading them in order) and then the title of that set.  The first few sets will focus on meeting each main character – with new characters possibly coming into play at any given time. Enjoy!

Hotel 9 – A Story – Isabella I – “Meet Isabella” by ●Tamaira♥G●

Isabella I – “Meet Isabella”
Isabella had just stepped off of the plane and was still straightening her dress from the trip when the edge of her perfectly proper heels caught the edge of the carpet. The stumble may have only taken a moment but Isabella felt as though she aged a year while she headed for the ground. Luckily before she fell with a sound that was sure to embarrass her from coming back to that particular airport again, she grabbed the edge of the ticket counter and quickly saved herself from a purple bruise and awkward stares. She may have been blessed with the face of an innocent angel but she was most certainly not blessed with the grace of one. Something she had gotten used to over time but it still managed to “keep her on her toes” once in awhile. Literally and metaphorically. Luckily the rest of her morning, which was spent traveling to the hotel that would be home for several months was fairly uneventful. She was dreading having to unpack when she remembered she hadn’t really packed anything at all. She was in the middle of pondering whether to be sad or apathetic about that when she realized the cab driver had been staring at her.

“ahem…miss?” he said with a bit of impatience. “Hotel 9?”, he stared.

Startled, Isabella quickly paid the tab and walked up the seemingly endless entrance to the hotel. Grand as it was….she still wasn’t sure if this was the best idea. Still she hoped that fate would take her where it wanted her to go and she would be free of having to make her own decisions for awhile.

Unpacking went quickly, she only had a few possessions – her passport and her mothers pearls, her latest book interest and a few clothes. But she put on her best and went to dinner.

The dining room loomed at her from down the hall. Such a grand place and yet even while wearing the best she owned she felt stifled and alone. She peered out from behind the curtain entrance…..and nearly lost her breath.

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