Round 10 – Its in the Bag!

Ok I’m excited for Round 10 because its just insanely crazy.  hahaha  I love the mass amounts of…”WHAT?” I’m going to get for this one.   tee hee hee

Ok things are going to get nutty….here come the rules first:

1. 7 Day competition, 1 elimination  (trust me you’re going to like that I made it a week long.  I want some seriously good stuff here!)

2.  In the set below there are 6 bags/boxes.  Each box either contains an art set, fashion set or interior set.  There are 2 of each hidden amongst the boxes.  You will each choose 2 boxes and ultimately make TWO sets for this round.  Obviously your two sets will consist of whatever boxes you chose.

3.  Along with what type of sets you’ll be doing there is also a bonus item hidden in each bag. (hey, they’re big bags ok?)  Your set, no matter what it is, needs to include that item visibly in the set somewhere.

Now for the fun part.

4.  Each set NO MATTER WHAT TYPE needs to be themed/based/inspired by an Ogden Nash poem.  A personal favorite poet of mine.  Each of your two sets can be based off of a different poem, so you don’t have to use the same one twice, or you can.   I would prefer one of his smaller poems.  It does NOT have to be “in” the set.  But I would like the poem at least listed below your set in the “notes” area.  I am looking for serious creativity here,  that’s why you have a week to do this.

5.  No box will be used twice, so we’ll go in order of who won.  Jo will choose first, followed by JJMARIE and then Les! – rinse, repeat.   Each time a person chooses I will cross off that box so you’ll know what’s available.  After everyone has chosen, I will send you the item you’ll need in your set – then I will officially list the contest and the clock will start ticking.

If you’re lucky you might get both fashion sets or if you’re unlucky…both interior…..LOL….this is going to be a HOOT! And I can’t wait.  You pretty much have 2 chances to win me over…so use them wisely.

Wow me people.  I want to be amazed.


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Round 3 RESULTS!

I’m very late in announcing results from this round because it was VERY difficult to judge.  Even after discussions with my guest judge….it was hard to come to an agreement with MYSELF.  (haha)

I have cussed and discussed what to do this round….because there wasn’t ANYONE that I wanted to eliminate.  But considering my rule is that someone is eliminated….well….I guess I could break my own rule,  but I’m not gonna.  😉

So below are the results with my critiques as well as some thoughts from my guest judge (I’m going to just pile them together).  Great job to everyone!  The goal is definitely to confuse me and make me think,  and you did just that.  🙂

I love the little stories and explanations that some of you put with your sets.  The little details are something that really win me over.  A little tip for future sets.  😉

1st –Spicy Kitchen
Spicy Kitchen – by Les ! on
The reason I decided this was first was because you literally made the “hardest” kitchen out of the 10. At first glance you don’t notice anything unusually special about the kitchen…but if you look closer at the items used (and I always do) you literally built this kitchen from the ground up. I always factor in difficulty when judging sets and this was a great kitchen with a high level of difficulty. Great job. :o)

2nd – Pepper Kitchen
Pepper Kitchen – by JJMAR!E on
It was hard for me to determine who would take 2nd-4th places….because some were soooo close, basically a tie in my mind…but I had to come up with a reason to put one over the other. My reason for this is your style you used with this set. Everything fits together like an old folk art painting. The kitchen isn’t overly hard and there isn’t a whole lot too it….but you carried the theme throughout, even with the puzzle piece floor. I just simply *liked* it. I really really liked it. It worked. And while I would have loved a bit more “kitchen”….it’s a really nice set. Also love the handprint on the window. Nice touch. 🙂

3rd- Round 3
Polyvore A la Carte: Round 3 – by JO on
I love this set. I love the story about the dog, and the photo on the wall. The only reason it bumped you to 3rd was because it teetered on the edge of being more “art set” and less “interior set”. A minor detail really – but that’s all I had to go on since this round was so lovely. 🙂 Great job. 🙂

4th- It's Hot In The Arctic!
It’s Hot In The Arctic! – by adelchristian on
This kitchen is just so warm and welcoming. It was very nicely done, almost comforting to look at. I like that you took the time to incorporate the Arctic so that it was noticable and the pepper color shoes were a nice touch. (see, I do notice 😉 ) I would have liked to see more peppers incorporated in a clever way, like the baby on the wall. But overall nice job. 🙂

5th- Mrs. Peppers Kitchen
Mrs. Peppers Kitchen – by Pegasus Haven © on
This kitchen was very cold looking…which played off of the arctic very well and I love the detail of the cat in the corner and how you used people in your kitchen. I would have liked to have seen more peppers but yours was interesting in that it leaned more towards the arctic angle and less towards the peppers. I believe you’re the only one that took that direction. Nice job. 🙂

6th- For Polyvore A la Carte!/The Dreaded...Round 3
For Polyvore A la Carte!/The Dreaded…Round 3 – by shoegirl927 on
Very nice kitchen, love the puppies and curtains and I think that the proportions were nice. I would have liked to see more detail and possibly more peppers. But an overall nice job. 🙂

7th- PNTS [The Dreaded...Round 3]
PNTS [The Dreaded…Round 3] – by torilink on
I thought your kitchen was adorable…but what placed it lower was that it seemed a bit too sunny in there. I would have liked to have seen more Arctic. I do love the polar bears and penguins – but something that made it feel cold to contrast with the peppers is what I was aiming for. Nice job 🙂

8th- The Dreaded... Round 3 - Peppers!!!
The Dreaded… Round 3 – Peppers!!! – by Moon-ie™ – ( request closed ) on
Another great job, I like that you incorporated people. But I would have liked more detail and more pepper. The people ended up becoming the focus where I would have liked the peppers to really stick out. Nice job 🙂

9th- Untitled
Untitled – by (¯`♥ shelbs on
This was a cute set but reminded me a bit more of a living room than a kitchen. Also would have liked to see more pepper and detail. I thought the fireplace was a nice addition. Good job 🙂


Mrs. Peppers looking in from the outside
Mrs. Peppers looking in from the outside – by om00100(IM OFFLINE!) on

So here’s the deal. I really really REALLY did not want to eliminate om00100 this round. I love your sets and I DID see what you were going for with this set. The problem was that I don’t think the idea fully came “to be”. There were some problems with proportions and while I LOVED the idea that you attempted – it just didn’t work as well as some of the others. It came down to this question: “How do we decide who is eliminated?” Is it based on potential? or each individual round?
The answer is “each individual round”. It wouldn’t be fair to not eliminate someone based on the idea that they “can” or “could” do better. Each round has to be decided based off of *that set* that each person turns in. That’s why each entry has to be your best. Because I will not use past sets or experiences to bias my judging. Basically this was a very hard decision for me! But I am determined to make the most fair contest that I can. And sometimes tough calls are needed. 🙂

om00100 – I hope you come back for season 3, I love your sets and your ideas. Thank you for participating and I wish you the best of luck in the future!!

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Winners from Round 2!

We ended up losing a few people this round due to their sets not being turned in on time.   So there wasn’t an elimination this round.  Here is the placement for Round 2.  Round 3 will be up shortly.

1st –
The Little Tramp In Hollywoodland
The Little Tramp In Hollywoodland – by torilink on

SILENT MOVIE: THE CIRCUS – by om00100 on

Silent Films
Silent Films – by JJMAR!E on

My Childhood Laughters with Charlie
My Childhood Laughters with Charlie – by adelchristian on

Silent Movie - Anita Page
Silent Movie – Anita Page – by Moon-ie ™ – request open! on

silent movie
silent movie – by Les ! on

Silent Movies
Silent Movies – by JO on

Lillian Gish...(PNTS - Round 2 - The Sound of Silence!)
Lillian Gish…(PNTS – Round 2 – The Sound of Silence!) – by shoegirl927 on

For: GOLDENjunk – by Pegasus Haven © on

Coco Darling
Coco Darling – by (¯`♥ shelbs on

Since there are still so many sets,  I’m going to do a general critique for now.   Basically what I looked for was the interpretation of the theme and of course if you followed the theme.  There were a couple of entries that didn’t really follow the the “theme” rules.  So keep in mind that next time there is an elimination – that could hurt your score and you could be eliminated.  😉  Due to this, some sets placed higher than others based on how well they followed the theme.   I’m excited to start round 3!  Please remember to get your sets turned in on time!

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Final Round!!!!

Just think…after this round we will have our winner that has made it through 10 rounds of tough challenges and was picked from hundreds of entries!  What an accomplishment!   So here goes the final challenge:

Final Round by ●Tamaira♥G●

Congrats on making it this far!  For the final challenge you must create a logo for YOURSELF,  for if you are the winner of PNTS.   The winner’s logo will be used for Season 2 of PNTS!

Here are the rules and requirements:

1.  This contest will be a week long because I want you to have the chance to really give everything you’ve got on this one.

2.  You will be allowed to enter TWO sets this time.  In case you have more than one idea and can’t decide…now’s your chance to show me both!

3.  It must include “Polyvore’s Next Top Set” somewhere in the set.

4.  It needs to have your name or screen name (your choice) as the winner from season 1,  but the set needs to be for Season 2…if that doesn’t make sense PM me and I’ll try to explain better.

5. The set needs to fill the entire “white area” and be as big as possible and VERY easily readable.  Since I use this as advertising and for the group image…it needs to be clear and to the point.  This part is very important.

6.  Below I have links to sets I’ve used in the past so you can get an idea of what I’ve done.  But don’t get me wrong…I don’t want you to compromise YOUR style for this round.  But use these examples to help you get an idea of what I’m looking for.

Set 1

Set 2

The winner will receive:  (other than my upmost respect and adoration…haha)

1.  Will be featured on Polyvore’s official blog in a post by me.  And will also be featured on this blog as well.

2.  Will have the option to help me out for Season 2 as a guest judge.

3.  Will be officially “awesomness in a box”. (haha)

4.  ….there may be other perks that come later….

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Thank You’s

I’ve made “thank you” sets for our past 5 contestants on “Polyvore’s Next Top Set”.  I’m posting them here in case they get lost in all the Polyvore goodness.  :o)   We currently only have 3 remaining,  but I wanted to go back 5 people because I feel as though I’ve gotten to know them in a weird way by examining their sets for over a month! haha   I respect each of them very much for their hard work and participation and for making the first “season” of Polyvores Next Top Set a success!  So THANK YOU!

Style – For missjojo by ●Tamaira♥G●

Fabulous – For hellocrystal by ●Tamaira♥G●

Escape – For Biancabelle by ●Tamaira♥G●

Thank You! – For Nut-Meg by ●Tamaira♥G●

Inspiration – For “PaintHead” by ●Tamaira♥G●

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Round 4 Winners!

Here are the latest winners from round 4.  We did have to say goodbye to one contestant.  Wish her luck!

1st – eva213 –  I loved how you didn’t stay in the shape of a square or rectangle.  You used the shape of textures literally in their raw form to create an image that strayed from the “norm”.   That was my favorite part about it.  Great job!

On the Edge of Sleep by eva213

2nd – Sky13 –  I think this set first of all is simply gorgeous!  And before I read your title or description the first thing I said out loud was, “ looks sad, like a broken heart”.   So I was soooo happy that was your intention because you did a great job of carrying that across.

Me, MySelf..& a Broken Heart.. by SKY13

3rd place – missjojo –  You had such a great idea of creating an image FROM the textures, I really loved the originality and thought behind it.  Your title was so in depth and mature.  Great job!

Shedding the Chrysalis by ♥missjojo♥

4th place – hellocrystal –  What’s so funny about this is when I first saw it I thought it reminded me of an 80’s rock type set.  So now that I’ve seen what you titled it….I keep thinking of Poison’s song “Every Rose Has A Thorn”.  LOL!!  And whenever I see it,  the song pops into my head.  Probably not what you were going for but I love the depth in the textures and the pop color.

Life is a rose; beware of the thorns by hellocrystal

5th place – painthead –  So I noticed today while judging that you changed part of your set.  I thought it looked pretty good the first way,  but I have to admit I love the splash of red you gave it.  I think it was a good change and I’m glad you did it.  It gave it that “something extra”.  As far as the theme,  I loved that you used your home town as the inspiration, I think it definitely took on a “grungy downtown industrial” feel to it.  Great job!

Street Art by PaintHead

6th place – biancabelle –  I definitely thought this looked like the sky was breaking!  I thought the lyrics choice was nice and the way you placed the cracks on the set kept it from looking too busy and cluttered, and also kept it from looking too overworked.  I really enjoyed looking at it!

break the sky by biancabelle

7th place – nut-meg –  I really liked your concept for this set.  I could definitely see the garden door and Secret Garden was/is one of my all time FAVORITE books.  So I got giggly thinking about it.  The only thing that kept you from placing a bit higher were the roses.  I totally get why they were there, but they were *almost* too distracting for me when looking at the set.  I think if there was a way you could have blended them into the back ground  a bit better it would have helped the visual appeal.  I certainly wouldn’t have taken them off,  just blended a bit.

secret garden door by Nut-Meg


This round we have to say goodbye to “Les !”.  She was an awesome competitor and it was so incredibly hard to make the decision during this round.  I thought all of the sets were spectacular.  Les I would say that while you did use alot of different textures in your set,  when looking at it, it felt like something was missing.  Not sure what exactly but it was missing that *pop* factor.   I still thought it was wonderful and I hope you’ll come back next time we do this.  Thanks soooo much for participating! You’ve been great!

freedom butterfly by Les !

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Round 4


1. 3 Day contest

2.  ONLY textures can be used in your set.  No photos, quotes, items, etc.  

3.  I’m looking for artistic elements, the set needs to be balanced visually and appealing to the eye.

4.  Title your set something creative that will give me some insight into what your inspiration was.

5.  One person will be eliminated from this round.

Good luck!

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Round 3 Results!

 Unfortunately…..we had some people drop out of this round.  This is extremely disappointing for many reasons.  First of all its not fair to those that are still competing because now no one will get eliminated…which makes this round completely pointless…and it was the hardest round.  So there’s no feeling of accomplishment…because…well…you know.   So I’m a bit disheartened right now.  Its also not fair to those that really wanted to compete in this challenge but didn’t make it through.  So I apologize to them and I hope that we won’t have this situation occur again.  :o(    Anyone who has ever watched America’s Next top model or Project Runway or Top Chef knows that the challenges aren’t always easy, they’re not always what you want.  They’re CHALLENGES – so I’m not going to title a round “whatever you want”  because that’s not challenging.  So take this as your advance warning should you participate in future “seasons”.  I’m not going to make it easy.  That’s pointless.

Ooookay, now that I’ve ranted – say congrats to your remaining contestants.  Some of them had explainations with their sets (which I love) so I’ve included them for your reading pleasure.
Round 4 will be up tomorrow.

1st place – eva213 – Basically this set was genius.  Not only did you take a different approach to the challenge…you also didn’t take it *literally*.   It was a fantastic example of thinking outside of the box.  For those of you wondering what I mean,  just read her explanation below.  I loooved it.

2nd Place – painthead –  What I loved about this was how you managed to portray the candy as an addiction…almost comparable to heroine.  The set makes me feel as though the person has something to hide, some horrible secret.  It was also humorous to look at (in a good way).

3rd place – hellocrystal – I loved that you took the same approach as eva213,  with the framed candy ad’s on the walls.  It was a great way to keep the theme and keep the bathroom from looking silly. :o)

4th place – Les –  Love the depth you achieved in this set.  Very fun and almost sexy!

5th place – Missjojo – Love the look of the bathroom in this set, very rich looking and nice touches with the candy.


6th place – nut-meg- cute idea with the quote.  It was a very fun set to look at. :o)

7th place – biancabelle – Very cute! Although the candy wasn’t very inconspicuous! haha

8th place – sky13 – Like your last set, I loved how you create depth in your sets.  It was very fun to look at and see what kinds of things I’d find hidden in your sets, and I loved the bubbles!  The only problem I had was that the lawyer was supposed to be male. (wink wink)  But still a very cute set. 

Eliminated this round:

The following people were eliminated this round due to disqualification.  They did not have sets turned in by the deadline.  I wish them luck with future sets.


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Polyvore’s Next Top Set – Round 3 – Interior Terror!

It is VERY important that you read the rules of this contest very well.  I’m going to be a stickler with the rules on this one.  

Round 3 – Interior Terror


1.  This will be a 3 day contest.

2.  It is important that you read the statement about the client carefully.  It gives you all of the details you need to create the correct interior.

3.  All things mentioned in the above statement need to appear in your set.  The persons best combining all of the requirements will move on to the next round.

4.  If it wasn’t already obvious,  this set HAS to be an interior.  No exceptions.

5.  Only the 11 remaining contestants can participate in this contest.

6.  One contestant will be eliminated at the end of the this round.

Woot! and Good luck!

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Polyvore’s Next Top Set – Round 2 RESULTS!

Round 2 has been completed!  Here are your contestants left in the game followed by some personal comments by me.  Remember there is NO immunity.  So each contestant is able to be eliminated each week regardless of rank.

1st Place – Milkteeth –  that has to be the most beautiful set I’ve seen in  a long time!  That’s what really won me over,  how you could take such a morbid-esque image and make it beautiful is amazing!

2nd Place – Biancabelle-  Gorgeous.  Love it.  The way you achieved a water color effect was genius.   Also there was no better quote than that one –perfect.

3rd Place – Hellocrystal- Its just so pretty!  I actually liked your first one better, I thought it tied together a bit better, but the quote you put on this one was very fun.  I love how “pop-art” it became.

4th place – Nut-meg- Yours had the most gritty appeal and I loved the dirty look you achieved.  The quote really made you think and that was my favorite part about it,  how deep it actually was.

5th place – Sky13 –I love how you took a completely different approach to the challenge.  Your set had depth and dimension and you never saw the same thing twice.  The use of the art was so subtle yet fitting.

6th place – Missjojo –You always achieve such a mystical fantasy approach when doing your sets.  The amount of detail you put into them is astounding,  I loved it.

7th place – 7zippyy//*sasha –I loved how you used the artwork to tell a story.  It made your set have some depth and meaning and took it to an entirely different place than the other sets.

8th place – Pettyd – I liked that you found a way to stick with what you felt comfortable with –fashion.  Yet you managed to tie in the art work nicely.  Cute outfit as well, btw.

9th place – Painthead – Your set in my opinion was the darkest of them all.  Instead of trying to change the feeling of the image,  you just went with it.  It was fun to see something “dark”especially from you!  Since you are normally so perky and bright colored in your sets.  It was nice to see a risk taken from the norm.

10th place – Eva213 – I honestly loved the very first set you did better.  You also would have been the only one to choose that image, but this one was nice as well.  You have such a different approach to your sets its always interesting to see what you’ll come up with.

11th place – Les –  You took the most simple approach, but it was hilarious!  Sometimes simpler is better and the tiny details you used in the set were genius.  Keep up the good work.



Shoegirl927  I thought your set was adorable, but I would have liked to have seen you use the artwork in a more subtle or imaginative way.    That is ultimately what made the decision for me.  However, it was not bad in any way!  I love your sets and hope you’ll compete again when we do season 2!  Thanks for competing!  :o)


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