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  Ok well then maybe you should be sure to not operate any heavy machinery, eh?


I kid.





Ok so I decided that for the purpose of explanation I’d start with a FEW sets featured rather than just one.  I chose the sets I did mainly to show the different types of effects and styles you can achieve with the most basic editing functions and a whole lot of creativity.  Its amazing what you can do *without* photoshop.  Actually I love the fact that it does limit you to a degree (hate the 50 item rule though. Ugh.)  because it allows you to really think about what you’re doing.  Rather than saying,  “well I’ll just push this little button here and VOILA!”.   Nope, you really have to think about how you’re going to do an effect, rather than thinking about which menu its under.  So without further ado I give you my “style breakdown”.

1.  Fashion Sets

Fashion sets seem to be the most popular set you’ll see on Polyvore.  It does make sense considering that appears to be the main reason the site exists to begin with.  Usually you’ll see two kinds.  The kind without a background, fully focused on the clothing.  And the kind with a background and/or other items.  Maybe it tells story with the clothes or just adds to the set.  Either way both are cool in their own right.  Here are a couple of examples of both types of fashion sets.

Created by – Senalica


“Gypsy Style”

Created by – bnkbibi


2. Interior Design Sets

  Interior design sets don’t seem to make their way around Polyvore as much.  But when they do, they are a feat of wonder in themselves.  Its amazing to me how you make a 3D room with tools that don’t allow you to rotate at all.  Frustrating as heck to make, but I love looking at them.  Here is a great example:

Created by – MyChanel


3.  Insane Random Art

  The next type of set you see alot are the crazy random art sets.  They are my favorite kind.  I spend most of my time doing this type of set myself.  How can you resist the urge to just throw things on a blank canvas?……..Ok, maybe that’s just me.  Insane randomness varies by a billion different degrees, but here are a couple of my favorites.


Art set

 Created by:  wtnelson22


“Into the Disaster”

 Created by: THe{[nEw.Me.]} [I’m BaCk!]


Created by:  ~*NiShA*~


Well there you have it.  A few examples from the site that currently consumes my life…..and now my blog.

The first official featured set and interview will be up tomorrow.

Peace out.

Oh and stop by these gals’ profiles and give them a shout.  I’m sure they’d love it.

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