A Little Tip

  Want to know a really simple and quick tip for making your sets look great?

I knew you did.


  So part of what makes a set look good is whether or not its “balanced”.  For those of you not familiar with this very common design word,  balanced simply means that it is visually appealing to the eye.  It does NOT mean that the design has to be “symmetrical”.   You can have the most asymmetrical set in the world and it still be more balanced than someone else’s.  Some people have a nack for it, sometimes it takes practice.  But here is a quick tip to help you get there faster.

  Have you ever looked at your set up close and then viewed the small thumbnail image and went, “Ugh.  It looks terrible up close and great small!”.   Or have you done the same thing in reverse?  Maybe your set looks great up close…but when you see it on your home page in the groups section…you wonder what the heck happened?

1. First thing you need to do when making a set, is when you get to the point where you’re close to being finished….save the draft….and then start making a different set.  I don’t care if that set doesn’t match or even look good.  Just get yourself AWAY from the set you were working on….let’s say….even just a few minutes will help.  What happens is that you’re probably “burnt out” on the set you’re doing….getting away for a few minutes will help clear that from your head.  And you’ll be able to look at it more objectively.

2.  After you’ve not messed with it for a few minutes,  go to your “create a set” page, make sure that THAT set isn’t up on the screen,  then click on your drafts and view the THUMBNAIL image of your set.   You will get a really good idea right away if you’re headed in the right direction.  Viewing something small like that will show you instantly if you’ve gone a little bonkers in the “balance” area.

3.  Pull up your set and work to fix what you’ve just seen.  

  It’s that simple!  A little “breather” inbetween making a set and clicking the publish button will save you the headache of having to edit a set after you’re already finished.

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