Please do what you can to contact Polyvore and tell them their latest changes to the site are AWFUL.

  Thank you to Dutchconnection(on) for creating the following set.  I think it encompasses our feelings well.  These changes aren’t just bad, they SUCK.  C’mon Polyvore…what the heck are you doing?

MORE sets condemning this change! Keep’em coming!

Done by: MissIndecisive

Mine —–>

By: torilink 

By: ♥missjojo♥

By: ♥copy cat♥

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I Am A Dismal Failure.

…ok not really.  I don’t have a post for today *cries* but I am working on the new featured artist interview for tomorrow!!! (yay!)

  So check back tomorrow for another awesome artist on Polyvore!

….does this count as a post?






(sneaks away quietly)

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