Oh Go On! Flatter Me!

  I suppose they say copying is the finest form of flattery….but I can’t help but laugh at the new interview posted on Polyvore’s Official Blog.  Pardon me while I chuckle a bit……….



Ok, I’m good now.  ;o)


So back to what I was *going* to say originally.   Anyone notice the current lack of home page at Polyvore right now?  *knock knock*  Anyone looking at the site?  I suppose it might be a tad late depending on what part of the country/ which country you’re in……but…..this is just a friendly reminder to check the site after you deploy a new update.  (wink wink nudge nudge)   I love you guys but MAN, its been a few hours now and its not any better!

I think this is a sign of serious addiction.

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Polywhore makes an entrance

  So what is Polyvore.com you ask?  Simply put the greatest invention since fire.  You see I could have said the greatest invention since sliced bread, but no, Polyvore is much much cooler than that.  Now I could say that Polyvore.com was the coolest thing since the creation of the universe……but that would be silly wouldn’t it?

I digress.

If you don’t know what it is you should check it out.  But only at your own risk because I guarantee you’ll be addicted.  The site allows for you to “collage” “sets” which are mainly mini works of art when you’re finished.  Anything form pure randomness to fashion groupings to interior design is seen on this site.  And its not only the pure fun that gets me coming back day after day.  Its also the feeling you get when you see something fantastic, something amazing…something that makes you go “wow”.   And being on a site that requires creativity to even participate…is like a drug.  

Thus the mega cool name of this blog – Polywhore.

No you’re not reading wrong, I didn’t loose a typing finger in a massive plumbing accident.  I didn’t learn how to type from a 6 fingered man,  it does in fact say PolyWHORE.   Because nothing could be more true.  I am a Polyvore Whore….and you will be too.  Just wait.  You’ll see.  Just buy the spandex now cause before you know it you’ll be on the street screaming “Hey Baaaaby”.

Point of this blog was to discuss my findings,  have sets featured and interview people that participate on the site.  Come here for the best of the very best.  I guarantee that Hannah Montana will not make an appearance nor will that guy that keeps putting up “fav this if you love…”.  This is for real art peeps.

If you have someone you’d like to see interviewed or a set that you think deserves the “OMG YOU’RE WICKED COOL” award,  shoot me an email and I’ll take a look.  I make no promises.

And if you’re looking to add another contact, consider myself,  you’ll find me listed as TamairaG on Polyvore.com  (that was a v that time). 

First featured set to be up very soon.  

Probably faster than you can say,  “$20 an hour”.


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