Round 6 – I’ve Got the Blues!

I've Got the Blues - Round 6 PNTS
I’ve Got the Blues – Round 6 PNTS – by ●Tamaira♥G● on


1. 7 day contest, 1 elimination.

2. You must create a set using only textures.

3. You may use any colors you want as accents…but the set must appear to be mainly BLUE in color. (any type of blue) What I mean is…when you look at it…if you asked someone what “color” it was. They need to answer “blue”. 😉

4. Because you cannot use images of any kind – it will be very important to make sure your set is balanced and visually appealing to the eye. It may sound easy…but its much harder than just throwing a bunch of textures together. 😉

5. Extra points given to creativity, how “blue” it appears and good design.

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Round 5 Results!

Here are our results from Round 5!  Critiques below the winner sets.


1st Torilink –  Great set, love the earrings!  Nice job of incorporating each item.  I enjoyed your explanation at the bottom!  Always a plus. 🙂

2nd Jo – I have to admit…if you’ve seen any of my sets you know I love a theme! (haha)  So I was really hoping that someone would do a “Red Riding Hood” take on some of the items.  I was very pleased to see that someone did!  I loved it.  Really great job.

3rd Moon-ie – Great presentation,  I liked the classic feel to it.  Nice job.

4th Adelechristian- I liked that you added “alot” to the set.  Sometimes it was hard to find the items,  but overall I enjoyed the detail that you put into it.  Nice job. 🙂

5th JJMARIE – I really liked your set…but it was eerily similar to Torilinks….and this wasn’t the first time in this round that that seemed to happen.  Really strive to do something completely different than everyone else.  It gets you further.  😉  But nice job overall.

6th Shoegirl927 –  Lovely set,  I would have liked to have seen more detail but overall the layout worked nicely.

7th Les! –  Les I can always count on you to be completely different than everyone else…but in this case the layout is was did you in (to a degree).  I think most of it worked and I got what you were going for…but it didn’t “quite” go all the way.  I still enjoy seeing what neat ideas you’ll come up with each week.  Nice job. 🙂


Pegasus Haven – The problem that I had was that this was nearly an exact copy of shoegirl927’s set. It was made a day after and also turned in after hers. I don’t know if it was coincidence or not…and I’m certainly not implying that you did it on purpose….but there was nothing to prove otherwise so I and my guest judge felt it was best that you were eliminated this round. The second problem was that this was supposed to be a fashion set…and your set was missing pants! I did give me a bit of a giggle, I will admit. I certainly enjoy your sets and wish you the best of luck in the future.

Natural – by Pegasus Haven © on

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Round 5!

This round we’re doing an old favorite of mine…with a bit of a twist.
pnts r5
pnts r5 – by ●Tamaira♥G● on

Read carefully!

1. 7 days,  1 elimination

2. This set is to be FASHION oriented.  Meaning that is the primary focus.

3.  You must pick *1* item from EACH column. Columns run vertically (IOW there are 4 columns)

4.  Each item must be easily seen in your set.   You can use other items such as accessories…but the items you choose from the columns must be more visible.

5.  Everyone MUST use the wildcard item.

6.  The final column is a description.  You need to label your set with a title that includes one of those words. Your set must also be in the style of the word you choose.  (IOW – if you choose the word “fun” your set needs to be themed in a fun way,  or if you choose “dreamy” your set needs to be dreamy)

7.  Extra points given to creative thinking….don’t go for the obvious…try to make something harder.

8.  The more detailed and creative sets will be ranked higher..but do so in a balanced and well designed way.  Sometimes less is more….but I’d like to see a really well thought out fashion set with great detail.

The contest is starting to get tougher!  Let’s see what you’ve got!

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Round 4 WINNERS!

Here are our winners from Round 4!  Congrats!  Below the sets are the critiques.
Round 4 - Season 2

Untitled – by (¯`♥ shelbs on

We wish you all the best in your further set making! Thank you for participating! 🙂

First of all…a group critique.

Everyone seemed to use the same idea.  Either a pink haired girl…or someone with their mouth open.  lol    Its not that it didn’t fit the “idea” of the round….but its just that everyones was nearly the same.   There was very little “thinking outside the box”.   I also felt that some people took a more lazy approach by using the same image that I had used in my set.  Not that theres anything wrong with that….technically.  But I just like to see more creativity.  🙂   Everyone’s was so much on the same level – that it was very difficult to judge.  I decided to put the most different sets up top,  which would be “moonie” and “les!”.   Neither used an image like mine and Les! even went further outside the box and made a set completely unlike the others. (bravo Les!)  Also….just as a note…angry doesn’t equal obnoxious.  LOL!  I know that it was a tough one to do…..but sometimes the sets bordered more on “mad” than “bratty”.  If that make sense.  However, they all looked great!

Round 5 will be up later!

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Round 4 Info

If you’re looking for Round 3 results.  Scroll down!

pnts r4
pnts r4 – by ●Tamaira♥G● on


1. 7 day contest

2. 1 Elimination

3.  You are to create a set that is “obnoxious”.

4.  Somewhere in that set there needs to be an outfit.

5. Please note!  This is NOT a fashion set.  It is an obnoxious set….that has an outfit in it.   So your first priority is to make the set obnoxious…not to make it fashionable!

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Round 3 RESULTS!

I’m very late in announcing results from this round because it was VERY difficult to judge.  Even after discussions with my guest judge….it was hard to come to an agreement with MYSELF.  (haha)

I have cussed and discussed what to do this round….because there wasn’t ANYONE that I wanted to eliminate.  But considering my rule is that someone is eliminated….well….I guess I could break my own rule,  but I’m not gonna.  😉

So below are the results with my critiques as well as some thoughts from my guest judge (I’m going to just pile them together).  Great job to everyone!  The goal is definitely to confuse me and make me think,  and you did just that.  🙂

I love the little stories and explanations that some of you put with your sets.  The little details are something that really win me over.  A little tip for future sets.  😉

1st –Spicy Kitchen
Spicy Kitchen – by Les ! on
The reason I decided this was first was because you literally made the “hardest” kitchen out of the 10. At first glance you don’t notice anything unusually special about the kitchen…but if you look closer at the items used (and I always do) you literally built this kitchen from the ground up. I always factor in difficulty when judging sets and this was a great kitchen with a high level of difficulty. Great job. :o)

2nd – Pepper Kitchen
Pepper Kitchen – by JJMAR!E on
It was hard for me to determine who would take 2nd-4th places….because some were soooo close, basically a tie in my mind…but I had to come up with a reason to put one over the other. My reason for this is your style you used with this set. Everything fits together like an old folk art painting. The kitchen isn’t overly hard and there isn’t a whole lot too it….but you carried the theme throughout, even with the puzzle piece floor. I just simply *liked* it. I really really liked it. It worked. And while I would have loved a bit more “kitchen”….it’s a really nice set. Also love the handprint on the window. Nice touch. 🙂

3rd- Round 3
Polyvore A la Carte: Round 3 – by JO on
I love this set. I love the story about the dog, and the photo on the wall. The only reason it bumped you to 3rd was because it teetered on the edge of being more “art set” and less “interior set”. A minor detail really – but that’s all I had to go on since this round was so lovely. 🙂 Great job. 🙂

4th- It's Hot In The Arctic!
It’s Hot In The Arctic! – by adelchristian on
This kitchen is just so warm and welcoming. It was very nicely done, almost comforting to look at. I like that you took the time to incorporate the Arctic so that it was noticable and the pepper color shoes were a nice touch. (see, I do notice 😉 ) I would have liked to see more peppers incorporated in a clever way, like the baby on the wall. But overall nice job. 🙂

5th- Mrs. Peppers Kitchen
Mrs. Peppers Kitchen – by Pegasus Haven © on
This kitchen was very cold looking…which played off of the arctic very well and I love the detail of the cat in the corner and how you used people in your kitchen. I would have liked to have seen more peppers but yours was interesting in that it leaned more towards the arctic angle and less towards the peppers. I believe you’re the only one that took that direction. Nice job. 🙂

6th- For Polyvore A la Carte!/The Dreaded...Round 3
For Polyvore A la Carte!/The Dreaded…Round 3 – by shoegirl927 on
Very nice kitchen, love the puppies and curtains and I think that the proportions were nice. I would have liked to see more detail and possibly more peppers. But an overall nice job. 🙂

7th- PNTS [The Dreaded...Round 3]
PNTS [The Dreaded…Round 3] – by torilink on
I thought your kitchen was adorable…but what placed it lower was that it seemed a bit too sunny in there. I would have liked to have seen more Arctic. I do love the polar bears and penguins – but something that made it feel cold to contrast with the peppers is what I was aiming for. Nice job 🙂

8th- The Dreaded... Round 3 - Peppers!!!
The Dreaded… Round 3 – Peppers!!! – by Moon-ie™ – ( request closed ) on
Another great job, I like that you incorporated people. But I would have liked more detail and more pepper. The people ended up becoming the focus where I would have liked the peppers to really stick out. Nice job 🙂

9th- Untitled
Untitled – by (¯`♥ shelbs on
This was a cute set but reminded me a bit more of a living room than a kitchen. Also would have liked to see more pepper and detail. I thought the fireplace was a nice addition. Good job 🙂


Mrs. Peppers looking in from the outside
Mrs. Peppers looking in from the outside – by om00100(IM OFFLINE!) on

So here’s the deal. I really really REALLY did not want to eliminate om00100 this round. I love your sets and I DID see what you were going for with this set. The problem was that I don’t think the idea fully came “to be”. There were some problems with proportions and while I LOVED the idea that you attempted – it just didn’t work as well as some of the others. It came down to this question: “How do we decide who is eliminated?” Is it based on potential? or each individual round?
The answer is “each individual round”. It wouldn’t be fair to not eliminate someone based on the idea that they “can” or “could” do better. Each round has to be decided based off of *that set* that each person turns in. That’s why each entry has to be your best. Because I will not use past sets or experiences to bias my judging. Basically this was a very hard decision for me! But I am determined to make the most fair contest that I can. And sometimes tough calls are needed. 🙂

om00100 – I hope you come back for season 3, I love your sets and your ideas. Thank you for participating and I wish you the best of luck in the future!!

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Round 3 RULES

If you want to see the placement and winners from Round 2, just scroll down. 🙂

“The Dreaded” Round 3

R3 – by ●Tamaira♥G● on


1. 7 Day Contest

2. 1 Elimination

3.  Read the story to get clues on your requirements.

4.  Read the story VERY WELL to make sure you catch everything.

5.  The set must be an interior.

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Winners from Round 2!

We ended up losing a few people this round due to their sets not being turned in on time.   So there wasn’t an elimination this round.  Here is the placement for Round 2.  Round 3 will be up shortly.

1st –
The Little Tramp In Hollywoodland
The Little Tramp In Hollywoodland – by torilink on

SILENT MOVIE: THE CIRCUS – by om00100 on

Silent Films
Silent Films – by JJMAR!E on

My Childhood Laughters with Charlie
My Childhood Laughters with Charlie – by adelchristian on

Silent Movie - Anita Page
Silent Movie – Anita Page – by Moon-ie ™ – request open! on

silent movie
silent movie – by Les ! on

Silent Movies
Silent Movies – by JO on

Lillian Gish...(PNTS - Round 2 - The Sound of Silence!)
Lillian Gish…(PNTS – Round 2 – The Sound of Silence!) – by shoegirl927 on

For: GOLDENjunk – by Pegasus Haven © on

Coco Darling
Coco Darling – by (¯`♥ shelbs on

Since there are still so many sets,  I’m going to do a general critique for now.   Basically what I looked for was the interpretation of the theme and of course if you followed the theme.  There were a couple of entries that didn’t really follow the the “theme” rules.  So keep in mind that next time there is an elimination – that could hurt your score and you could be eliminated.  😉  Due to this, some sets placed higher than others based on how well they followed the theme.   I’m excited to start round 3!  Please remember to get your sets turned in on time!

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PNTS – Round 2 – Rules

Round 2
Round 2 by ●Tamaira♥G●


1.  7 day contest,  one elimination

2.  Set is to be art based and themed around silent movies.

3.  Use the theme however you see fit.  Be unique and creative but maintain good design styles and techniques!

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PNTS – Season 2 – ROUND 1 WINNERS!

So we had a slight bump in our second season already.  It seems that when I published the contest originally…it only registered 3 places instead of 12.  I know that always annoys the heck out of me when I win something and it doesn’t register…so apologies to those who’s sets didn’t show on the winning page.   Rather than make *another* round to simply do this and waste time…we’re just going to pretend we didn’t notice and keep moving forward.

Before I do I want to go over a few new changes since Season 1.  To begin with there is now a guest judge that will be assisting in the judging of each round.   How this will work is that we will separately come up with our own picks and then collaborate.  People that we both agree on will automatically be in the top ranks,  and then my decision will be the final “dealbreaker” on the rest.  You might also see her critiques here after each round.  Its a nice way to include more insight than just mine.  :o)

Also – Unlike Season 1 – each round will now be a week long.  To make sure everyone has time to complete the best set they can.  Until we reach the top 5, then the rounds will be limited to 3 days to increase difficulty.   Like last time, anyone missing the deadline is disqualified.

Like last year,  each round will be shown here on the blog and you will also find instructions for each new round as well.

If you’re wondering why one set won and other didn’t or maybe you’re curious how I pick – basically I look at overall concept and design first.  And then go from there.  But some people win because they do something new or something I’ve not seen before.  Maybe they had a clever idea or did a style that was unique.  I like a broad range of sets….to keep it interesting.

Ok! So without further blah blah here are our 12 finalists for Season 2!!!  *lots of cheering*

Polyvore A la Carte! Interior
Polyvore A la Carte! Interior by JO
Arriving Home
Arriving Home by torilink
Whatever You Do...
Whatever You Do… by adelchristian
and i'll never give myself to another the way i gave it to you.
and i’ll never give myself to another the way i gave it to you. by classic (busy)
-+-+-+- by JJMAR!E
Sleepover by WhatTheDuck?
Relax by Moon-ie ™ – request open!
African touch
African touch by Les !
Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire
Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire by Pegasus Haven (Away all Day)
Untitled by (¯`♥ shelbs
What's in my purse?
What’s in my purse? by shoegirl927

Round 2 will be up and running tomorrow!  Check back!

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